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Sydney Shenanigans

Last weekend we took on Sydney. We have been meaning to go for ages, after all it is the iconic Australian city. We can’t go to/live in Australia without going at least once.

As it turned out once is definitely not enough, we did all the main sights this weekend as none of us had been to Sydney before. (By ‘none’ I mean me or husb, the Bear would be doing well if he had managed to go without us, I know they grow up so fast nowadays but that would be pushing it I think).
To make sure that we got to see as much as possible we stayed pretty centrally in Darling Harbour.

Apparently I missed a HUGE blogging conference that was taking place in Sydney by a matter of 2 days, you Aussie bloggers may have heard of it DPCON13? Well I may have missed it, but I am hoping that I have learnt something bloggy anyway by virtue of being in the same city soon afterwards, maybe by blogsmosis or something.

I also found out that I missed Ellen Degeneres by 1 day, she left to go to Melbourne the day that we arrived from Melbourne. Then she flew out of Melbourne the day we flew back to Melbourne. Seriously, anyone would think she was deliberately trying to avoid me. I mean, really, you go to a celebrities house with an ‘I love Ellen’ t-shirt on, you camp outside the house for a couple of months and suddenly you’re a stalker. It was one time Ellen, one time*. Can’t we let bygones be bygones?

So, to the sights . . . .

Sydney Harbour Bridge. We saw people climbing it, I would love to do that, but obviously couldn’t with the Bear, so we have put that on the ‘to do’ list, safe in the knowledge it won’t be done for another 15 years at least!

Sydney Opera House


Botanical Gardens

The gardens were very beautiful and very big so instead of traipsing round in the heat of the day pushing a buggy we decided to take an altogether more upmarket mode of transport.
Behold the Choo Choo Express!

Definitely the way to travel. It was lovely to watch the excitement as he waited to jump on. . . . . The Bear was also itching to hop aboard but husb was on there as quick as a flash to make sure we he got the best seats!

Just look at his little excited face.
In my opinion you simply can’t go to Sydney without getting on the Choo Choo Express. Some say Bondi, others say it’s all about the Harbour but for me the Choo Choo is where it’s at. It’s just how I roll.

We also took the ferry over to Manly and spent the day on the beach there. We had been told that Manly is where all the beautiful people congregate, so it was only fitting that we went along to join them in looking ‘beautiful’ on the beach. While husb and I stick out like a sore thumb, with our pale skin and lack of surfboard. The Bear is morphing into a mini surfer dude. He has got the wetsuit and the thongs/flipflops and the floppy blonde hair. All he needs now is the Aussie accent and a surf board and the transformation will be complete.


There was so much stuff we didn’t get a chance to see, we didn’t get down to Bondi, or Botany Bay or Coogee. . . . .
Or the Home and Away tour (I know, I can’t believe I couldn’t drag husb to Summer Bay with me, luckily NZ friend has stepped in to save the day and we have plans in place to go together – phew).

So Sydney beat us this time, but we will definitely be back to take it on again.

*For the record, I didn’t do that, I haven’t been there, and no, I don’t have the T-Shirt. Before anyone thinks that I am an actual celebrity stalker. (Home and Away tour excluded)


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4 thoughts on “Sydney Shenanigans

  1. Great pictures! I love Sydney for a get away but prefer living in Melbourne.

    • Thanks Rita. I really enjoyed our time in Sydney but it was far too short. Doing only the touristy things means I can’t really compare the two just yet. Sydney does seem very different to Melbourne though. X
      P.S Hope the self hosting is going well.

  2. Hi there, we missed you, next time pop in for a cuppa!! I’m a big fan of Sydney, and it was here I landed when I first came to Oz. But also do love Melbourne very much, was last there for ProBlogger Conf last year, lovely it was.

    Glad you enjoyed the city. Where did you stay?? If you ever have a moment I’d love to know and hear all about it. Guest post for my blog?? In your free time??!! I’d like to get more posts about Sydney accom, tricky when we live here.

    Hope the Melbourne weather is better than Sydney’s this weekend.

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