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Another one bites the dust.

Last night, I dropped L-Bro off at the airport. I wasn’t allowed to go in with him so had to make do with a very hurried farewell hug at the 1 minute drop off point at the departures area while overzealous security man strode purposefully up and down to ensure we were 1 minute, 1 minute only and not 1 second over.
1 minute – ridiculous! You barely have time to get your luggage out of the boot in 1 minute, never mind giving 1 years worth of hugs as well; given that I don’t actually know when I am going to see him again.

Anyway, L-Bro’s departure brings us to the end of the ‘holiday season’ chez Melbs. It was rather a long season for us, starting all that time ago in January with the visit of mum, sis and gorgebag nephew. They left and husbs parents then arrived a week later. They left and then L-Bro arrived a week or 2 afterwards. So for the first almost 5 months of the year we have been sharing our house with varying family members and doing the Melbourne tourist thing. . . . a lot.

And I have had a fab time.

It has been brilliant being able to show everyone where we live, places we go to, things we do.

Now that we are back to just the 3 of us again it feels odd. I don’t really know how else to describe it. It feels like someone (anyone from the past 5 months) will come in through the lounge door at any moment and ask if I want a cup of tea, and it got really familiar and comforting. It is not like people were only here a couple of days before moving on elsewhere, each visit was a good few weeks and it is amazing how you fall into old habits and the familiarity of home, even though we are thousands of miles away.

I really feel that now the family have visited it makes me feel closer to them even though in reality we are still on the other side of the world to each other; but the fact that they now know and have been to the places that I talk about and have met many of the people I talk about somehow makes it seem like we are not so far away.

Back to L-Bro and in the 3 weeks that he was here he managed to pack more in than husb and I have managed to do in 10 months of living here. He made me feel a bit slack if I’m honest.


He did a whstle stop tour of Sydney in a day, I’m not talking opera house and bridge, oh no. In one day he managed to fit in brekkie at the barracks, walking the bridge, bridge observation area, opera house, lunch at the botanical gardens, Bondi beach, Darling Harbour, dinner in Cockle Bay Wharf all before heading back on the last flight of the day! I haven’t managed to do Bondi yet so I am well jel of his exploits.

Not content with that he also did a tour of the Great Ocean Road that was supposed to take 3 weeks he did it in 2 days. Mental! He did Bells Beach, 12 Apostles headed all the way up to Portland taking in various sights along the way (we have never been that far!), before heading inland and home to us via the Grampians and Hepburn Springs.

But . . .not content with that either, he also headed off down to Wilsons Promentary via Phillip Island to see the penguin parade and back again along with a load of other stuff that I can’t remember. I am tired just writing about it.

Fair play to him for packing so much in in such a relatively short space of time. No one can say he didn’t make the most of it.

Listening to all of his adventures when he got back has given me renewed vigour to dust off the monster truck and get seeing some more of the sights we haven’t managed yet. Although I might leave it for a bit so that we can get used to our daily routine again first.

It is going to be really really strange not having any more visitors planned until the end of the year. (Strange that, I wonder why suddenly as we go into a Melbourne winter, no one else is booking their flights over!)

Fairweather family. . . . 🙂


Rocking it out!

Last week there was a bank holiday for ANZAC day which meant that husb had the day off and we could go and do a little exploring with L-Bro.

We drove up to Hanging Rock which is about an hour outside of Melbourne. Hanging Rock is a unique volcanic rock formation that was created around 6 million years ago from hot magma rising from the then volcanic Mount Macedon, and is part of the Macedon Ranges. (Check me out with my ‘interesting’ geographical tidbits, I could totally be a travel blogger or a geography teacher obv!). Read more…

Not ready to say goodbye.

Please dont leave me.

I am not ready to say goodbye just yet.

I  really don’t think I can face a future without you.

I noticed you were thinking about leaving a few weeks ago if I’m absolutely honest but I buried my head in the sand. I chose not to deal with it and hoped you would change your mind, that it was just a passing phase and soon we would be back to normal.

I realise now that was the wrong tactic. I should have put a plan in place to ensure you stayed, even for just a little while longer. I should have listened, Read more…

Melbourne International Comedy Festival – The Caffeinator

Well we may have been a little late getting to the comedy party but when we do finally get there we don’t do things by halves.

Not content with just one visit to the Comedy Festival we thought we would do another in the same week. Well Aprils nearly over after all which means the festivals nearly over which means next year we need to get our bums in gear much earlier.

Tonights comedy offering was Ben Lomas – AKA The Caffeinator. Read more…

Melbourne International Comedy Festival – Adam Hills

Throughout April Melbourne is host to the Melbourne (clues in the name!) International Comedy festival, comedians from all over the world descend onto Melbourne to do their worst (or best), try out new material and generally entertain the Melbourne populous.

There are some really big comedians here at the moment. Ross Noble is here along with Jack Dee and Ruby Wax amongst others and Sarah Millican was here earlier in the month, alongside some great up and coming acts. They play all sorts of venues too. There are also loads of great free shows that take place all over the city, L-Bro went to see one in Federation Square the other day and when we were in town we also came across a free kids comedy show taking place on Swanston Street. I enjoyed it, the Bear couldn’t have been less interested though to be honest.

The venues range from the big arenas such as Hi-Sense through to the medium sized venues in various theatres dotted around the city, right down to the small back laneway pubs. There is a really eclectic mix of stuff going on too so if you are in the Melbourne area I would recommend a visit.

As we are now half way through April (how did that happen?) we thought it was high time we acted like proper hosts and took L-Bro to the festival. He loves a bit of comedy does L-Bro.

Read more…

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