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A slip of the tongue.

It sometimes feels like the Bear is growing up so fast, like if I blink we will miss it. He hears something once repeats it loudly and then it is imprinted in his memory forever.

“Brilliant”, you say
“excellent news, he is coming along nicely”

Well, yes but it does have it’s pro’s and it’s cons. It kind of depends on what exactly he is hearing, repeating and imprinting.

For example, no longer am I ‘mummy’, mum or mama now I am referred to as ‘babe’ on a surprisingly regular basis. Wonder where he got that from?
Still it could be worse . . . .

Oh actually wait
It is worse.

There is now no regard for my privacy at all. I can barely remember the days when we took it for granted that we could go to the toilet without a little person barging in while I am indisposed. How far away those days seem when I could use the toilet without a running commentary on what exactly is going on like some sort of toddler wildlife documentary. You get my drift here, please don’t make me explain further!

Public changing rooms are a nightmare, besides darting off into the mens changing rooms while I am half dressed, now apparently it is highly amusing to have a good tweak of my ‘buttons’ while shouting ‘babe, booby’.
I am feeling the need to clarify that although he has heard the word ‘babe’ on many an occasion, never has he heard the words ‘babe’ and ‘booby’ together. Ever! I have no idea where he has heard ‘booby’ from. Peppa Pig has a lot to answer for in my book.

Tonight was a different ball game altogether though. Picture the scene, the Bear quietly reading a book with daddy in the dimly lit room. I come in quietly and ask for a little kiss goodnight before he goes to bed. Sure enough in he comes with his little lips pursed ready for the kiss. I unassumingly move towards him thinking how cute he was that he hadn’t said no like he usually does. Our lips meet. . . .

and then he slipped me the tongue.

Actually no, he didn’t slip it to me, he pretty much shoved it all around my face and cheeks and in my mouth before I had a chance to retreat.
As I drew away though we were still connected,

by the loving bond of mother and son you say?

No, no by the delightful string of spit that hung between us.
Maybe he mistook the dim sleepy lighting for romantic lighting who knows.

I hope he gets better at this kissing lark for when he has his first kiss

on his wedding night!


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13 thoughts on “A slip of the tongue.

  1. ha ha! My favourite (not) is when both twins are in the cubicle of a public toilet with me, one is opening the door for all to watch whilst the other one shouts ‘plop, did you do a poo?’, which I haven’t, ever, not in a public toilet and certainly not in a public toilet with 2 x 2 year olds. Ah kids, gotta love ’em

    • Ha ha Are you sure?! You are protesting quite a lot, (a little too much maybe!!).
      It’s nothing to be ashamed of – all perfectly natural you know. 😉

  2. Uncle Russ on said:

    I am going to teach him some amusing words!

  3. Yes, we have the running commentary in the toilet too. The other day my toddler pointed to a roll of toilet paper, and declared, loudly, “Mum wipe!”…. delightful, aren’t they! 😉

    • Ha ha, at least it was helpful advice. Mine tries to prise my legs apart and shove his hands in the ‘water’ which is not quite as helpful.
      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  4. That is very funny…though a little disturbing. Who knows where they learn some things?

  5. Love this Rhian, I can so relate. Oh those embarassing moments in public. My 2 year old daughter stopped a granny in the street the other day and asked her why she wearing he pyjamas. Umm she wasn’t. :0)

  6. Eeeew!! I am not a fan of face licking let alone managing to slip in the tongue. The things we put up with all in the name of love and motherhood.
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

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