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Since 2013 started we have had a steady stream of visitors to our adopted home of Melbourne. First it was Big Sis, gorgebag nephew and mum, swiftly followed by husb parents and currently we have little brother (L-Bro) staying at our ranch.

L-Bro has been particularly keen to make sure that while he is here he has a different experience to that of my mum and sis. With that in mind, over the last few days we have been putting together a jam packed itinerary for his whistle stop tour of Oz, (a tour which he assures me won’t be the last). Highlights inlcude, the Great Ocean Road, Phillip Island, Sydney, Wineries, Ramsey Street, the comedy festival, and a whole host of other things. None of these we have actually got round to doing yet but rest assured people they are locked in to the agenda.

It has been really lovely so far having L-Bro here, just like with our other visitors it has been really nice to show him around and for him to see our life here. I must admit, I did get a little bit emosh earlier today and being the caring sharing type, I thought nothing wrong in telling L-Bro that it was really lovely to have him here and that I loved him.

A lovely sibling bonding moment you’d think.

His response?

“Alright, alright, Chill out”


What happened to all this new man stuff where men could show their softer side, you know, their feelings. Whatever happened to the metrosexual man.

Do these men exist in Australia?

I would try and have a discussion with my L-Bro about it but he and husb have gone off to sink a few tinnies and watch an AFL (Aussie Rules Footie) game at the McG.

L-Bro has never been the least bit interested in sport of any kind, Aussie, English or otherwise.

What has Australia done to him!


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4 thoughts on “Boys!

  1. How nice that you have all these visitors! This is exactly what my brothers would tell me!

    • My bro is the last of them for a long while but I am trying not to think about that bit.
      It must be a male thing, you show them a bit of love and that is what you get in return. ;-/

  2. Hey Rhian, how many times do you think you can play tour guide along the Great Ocean Road before it gets a teeny weeny bit dull, I’m nearly there. As for little bro e probably offered up the same response I would give my big sis, respect our right to be emotionally stunted

  3. I must say it is definitely getting to the stage where it is just the ‘Good Ocean Road’ now for me. I need a bit of a break from it I think. As for bro, at least I can take comfort in the fact it is not just my bro then. 🙂
    Thanks for coming over and commenting.

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