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Melbourne International Comedy Festival – Adam Hills

Throughout April Melbourne is host to the Melbourne (clues in the name!) International Comedy festival, comedians from all over the world descend onto Melbourne to do their worst (or best), try out new material and generally entertain the Melbourne populous.

There are some really big comedians here at the moment. Ross Noble is here along with Jack Dee and Ruby Wax amongst others and Sarah Millican was here earlier in the month, alongside some great up and coming acts. They play all sorts of venues too. There are also loads of great free shows that take place all over the city, L-Bro went to see one in Federation Square the other day and when we were in town we also came across a free kids comedy show taking place on Swanston Street. I enjoyed it, the Bear couldn’t have been less interested though to be honest.

The venues range from the big arenas such as Hi-Sense through to the medium sized venues in various theatres dotted around the city, right down to the small back laneway pubs. There is a really eclectic mix of stuff going on too so if you are in the Melbourne area I would recommend a visit.

As we are now half way through April (how did that happen?) we thought it was high time we acted like proper hosts and took L-Bro to the festival. He loves a bit of comedy does L-Bro.

As the title suggests, we went to see Adam Hills and his show ‘Happyism’.


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Adam is pretty well known in Australia and I think is now quite a regular on many panel shows in the UK too, so I was quite excited to go along and see what he would deliver. It was also with some trepidation given that I thought we were 3rd row from the front. I don’t like to be picked on in the name of comedy and I’ve said once before to my 2 bessy UK friends that I don’t like comedy,(they have since not let me forget it), but what I meant was I don’t like attending comedy shows for that reason.
Is it just me, or are there others out there who share my pain? Tell me it is not just me?

So I was all set to do that thing you do when you go to comedy gigs, you know, plaster on a smile, not too big so as to draw attention to yourself and have the comedian make fun of you, not too small to draw attention to yourself and have the comedian make fun of you for being miserable. No just a regular plastered on fake smile that means he will sweep past you in his quest to find someone else to sacrifice for comedy fodder.

Anyway turns out, I needn’t have worried after all for a couple of reasons.
1) Remember when I said I thought I was 3rd row from the front? Well we were actually the 3rd row in the dress circle so; far enough back that we were safe from comedy sacrifice while being close enough to see the stage quite nicely. Phew!
2) A large chunk of the audience was missing when MrHills bounded on stage very punctually at 7pm. Now instead of pointing the stragglers out, taking the mick a bit and then letting them take their seats. Instead he got all the latecomers up on stage with him, asking everyone why they were late and took the mick up there instead. There was talk of broken sperms (yep you read it right – except he called them squigglies!) A Yarraville vs Williamstown face off and it ended with a chorus line of high kicks.

And that was before the show started!
Thank goodness we weren’t late!

Once the show actually got started he was very funny, I won’t tell you his jokes because then it’ll ruin it if you want to go or he wants to do the same show somewhere else!

It did end with a gospel choir though.


That’s all I’m saying.


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5 thoughts on “Melbourne International Comedy Festival – Adam Hills

  1. Melbourne gets all the cool stuff. SO unfair!!! I guess it’s to compensate for the weather??? ha ha! I think Adam Hills would be a good show to see, though I sometimes find him hit or miss with his jokes! Glad you were not late!

    • I think you might be right, it is getting decidedly chilly here now and dark very early too. He was good, some of the stuff I didn’t get as it was Aussie references that I don’t know but I really enjoyed it. xx

  2. Love the comedy fest. I miss all those things happening in Melbourne. We make up for it by watching the warehouse comedy on iview. Glad you didn’t have to get selected out! 🙂

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