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Melbourne International Comedy Festival – The Caffeinator

Well we may have been a little late getting to the comedy party but when we do finally get there we don’t do things by halves.

Not content with just one visit to the Comedy Festival we thought we would do another in the same week. Well Aprils nearly over after all which means the festivals nearly over which means next year we need to get our bums in gear much earlier.

Tonights comedy offering was Ben Lomas – AKA The Caffeinator.


In all honesty husb was supposed to be going to this with his work (without me – harsh I know) but turns out at the last minute that there were spaces available so he couldn’t get out of inviting me to come along.

The premise of The Caffeinator show, is that he basically sends up Melbourne coffee culture. Melbourne is very coffee orientated and there is a cafe on every corner, Melbournians are VERY serious about their coffee. So it was really funny to watch the show.

Unfortunately this time we all managed to pile in to the venue pretty late, (not my fault) the show hadn’t already started, we weren’t that bad, but it did mean we had the worst seats in the house. . . .

The. Front. Row

Like very front, feet resting on the stage front.

Slightly apprehensive, but with not much other choice we took our seats.

I was so relieved about 10 minutes into the show that we hadn’t sat in the seats we were going to sit in as that particular seat ended up being the seat that was picked on to come on stage and taste his coffee. Phew.

Although, The Caffeinator did pick on husb, he said that he could tell someones occupation by the type of coffee they drink. Husb dually answered his coffee of choice.

Flat white.

To which the Caffeinator came to the conclusion that he was a tradie (builder for the un-Aussies). Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Husb  couldn’t be further away from a tradie than if I was one!

Good job he didn’t tell him he worked for a tea company too – could you imagine the insults.

The Caffeinator is only on for 1 more night but is a regular at the comedy festival so go and see him next year. (Don’t worry I’ll remind you).


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