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Not ready to say goodbye.

Please dont leave me.

I am not ready to say goodbye just yet.

I  really don’t think I can face a future without you.

I noticed you were thinking about leaving a few weeks ago if I’m absolutely honest but I buried my head in the sand. I chose not to deal with it and hoped you would change your mind, that it was just a passing phase and soon we would be back to normal.

I realise now that was the wrong tactic. I should have put a plan in place to ensure you stayed, even for just a little while longer. I should have listened, should have seen the signs but it was too hard contemplating you no longer being there.

You see, you’ve got me through so much, you help make my day just that little bit easier. It’s you that I turn to if it’s been a tough morning.

Life is just too hard without you by my side helping me, giving me the strength to get through the day.

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I really don’t think I could cope if you left me now.

Our relationship started off a bit rocky I know, but once we learnt to work with each other I really felt that we had a strong bond -the strongest. Our relationship ran so deeply that I simply can’t live without you now.

I know I am being selfish begging you in such an unashamed way but I will do anything to make you stay, anything, just tell me, what do you want me to do?

Please! Bears afternoon nap; don’t leave me, I am really not ready for you to go yet.


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48 thoughts on “Not ready to say goodbye.

  1. I am not ready for it either, Miss just turned 3 is starting to think day time sleeps are a thing of the past and I just don’t want it to be so. What is wrong with them? How can they not know how great daytime naps are?

    Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses

  2. The desperation in this post is palpable and I can so relate having been through the very same fraught scenario some 18 months ago. The answer my friend is television. Stick them infront of ABC 4 Kids and do what you need to do. Also keep in mind that they’ll usually go down more easily of an evening when there’s no day sleep.

    • Tv is definitely the lifesaver! I know the logic less sleep in day = better at night but it really doesn’t make it any easier in the middle of the day. 😦
      Thanks for the advice 🙂

  3. Stephen Eyre on said:

    Love the picture

  4. Sugarpuff is starting to reject hers and she’s only just turned two I’m not ready to say goodbye either. I’ve decided to put up a fight. I love them too much. Hang in there!

  5. LOL – I would give anything to be able to have an afternoon nap – if only children knew how good they had it at the time !!
    Have the best day !

  6. Oh, the day sleep. It was such a wonderful thing. The only thing better is school.

  7. I feel your pain. I was so upset when the naps went away 😦 Found you through the Essentially Jess blog hop

    • Hi Georgie lovely to ‘meet’ you. I am fighting it, I still have hope that they don’t disappear completely.
      Thanks for the link, I will be sure to pop over and thanks for coming over to visit me and taking the time to comment. 🙂

  8. I totally understand. I even have my own blog post about it. Somehow 12 months after she dropped the nap we moved and started “rest time” at the new house. This comment is coming to you from rest time….there is hope still.

    • Rest time – interesting concept, I’d like to know how that works. Drop me a link to your post about dropping the nap if you’d like to – I’d love to read it.
      Thanks for reading and commenting. X

  9. Yes, that is a sad day in a mother’s life. The only positive is HOPEFULLY they go to sleep easily at night.

  10. Oh nooo, maybe it’s just a bad week? And they’ll return next week? I’m not ready either!!

  11. So cute. I used to just count down the. Inured, especially if I was working from home and had set up interviews during nap time – it seemed to work but a ver slim window.

  12. I dread this day ever happening!! Lior has been going from two to sometimes one sleep and it’s just not enough I tell ya!

  13. I can totally relate, for a while there my 1.5 year old seemed like he was only going to do 40 minutes and my 3 year none at all! I was desperate just for a break, no questions, crying, screaming or cranky pants! I have EVERYTHING crossed for you! Em x

  14. Haha! You had me hooked!
    The twinlets dropped their last nap a looooong time ago. And I am exhausted by the time it gets to 4pm.
    Hopefully you still have a bit of time left.

  15. We’ve had a couple of days where he’s not slept and I’ve thought it was over…. blind panic, I would call it.
    Then he’d need a nap again the next day, or two days later have a mega sleep.
    Encourage quiet time in/on bed. I let him have a book, or a toy, but he needs to rest quietly for half an hour. That works and often leads to a nap.
    It’s a killer though innit???

  16. Oh gosh, I completely agree! My oldest stopped napping by 18 months, my second stopped at around 3 – so here I am now with my third, praying he’ll keep napping. Right up until he starts school would be nice! I agree with some of the advice above though – encourage some kind of ‘down time’, even if it’s not an actual sleep. Not always easily done though!

    • 18 months ouch that’s early! I am really hoping I can get him to keep napping for a bit longer at least but I agree until school would be just lovely!
      Thanks for your advice too, downtime seems to be the thing, I will give it a go.

  17. I’m still mourning the loss of Mr 18’s afternoon nap! Sure, sometimes he sleeps in until midday – but it’s not the same as the distinct peace that used to descend every afternoon when he was little!

  18. Sheree on said:

    Brilliant! I remember that pain – but I promise you will be ok! Stay strong dude xxx

  19. Heidi on said:

    Oh Rhian I feel your pain! I remember the dread I felt when Dylan dropped his. BUT I have to say that now I’m stuck in with a little one who will only nap in her cot (something I could only dream of with child #1), life is so much easier when you don’t have to time it around naps.

    But I’m afraid your house will be messier, tea will be more convenience and less healthy and you will be clock watching from 3pm counting down the minutes til bedtime. It’s all good fun :o)

    Lots of love to you, S & B xxx

    • Yikes thanks for the mental picture Heidi. Hmm convenience tea, clock watching from 3pm and messy house – that all sounds familiar already!!
      Love to you all too x

  20. Oh snap! Miss Ava is not needing them quite as much either lately and it’s frightening!!!! I need my me time!

  21. Rita Azar on said:

    Hahaha!!! I just can’t stop laughing! This picture/quote is priceless! Good luck Rhian!

  22. Gammon used to sleep for 3+ hours a day at least. When it left us, I think I had a mini mental breakdown. All of a sudden I had to fill an extra 3 hours in the day, and then have completed absolutely nothing by the end of the day. Harsh! And then nursery saved the day – hooray for free 3 year old hours!

    • 3 hours – heaven! I am trying to get him into 3yr old kinder here, but fear I may have left it too late as not much luck so far. Fingers crossed otherwise I don’t know what I am going to do.
      Thanks for stopping by Maddie.

      • You had me hanging on your every word then. Absolutely brilliant! My little boy dropped his sleep at 18 months and my 2.5 year old girl is still giving me the luxury of 3-3.5 hours each day…it wont last :0( Thanks for a great post Rhian. Made me smile :0)

        • Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it. 3.5 hour naps must be absolutely heavenly. Tell me what’s your secret??? 🙂

        • My daughter has excema so she keeps us awake all night then sleeps during the day:-)

        • Oh no the poor little thing. Unfortunately that is not quite the solution I am looking for, ideally I would like to keep day napping and night sleeping all the way through to the puberty if at all possible. 😉

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