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Rocking it out!

Last week there was a bank holiday for ANZAC day which meant that husb had the day off and we could go and do a little exploring with L-Bro.

We drove up to Hanging Rock which is about an hour outside of Melbourne. Hanging Rock is a unique volcanic rock formation that was created around 6 million years ago from hot magma rising from the then volcanic Mount Macedon, and is part of the Macedon Ranges. (Check me out with my ‘interesting’ geographical tidbits, I could totally be a travel blogger or a geography teacher obv!).

It is also a pretty amazing concert venue and Bruce ‘the Boss’ Springsteen played a concert there in March this year.

We had a grand old time chasing the Bear all over the place.

imageI don’t know who that guy is – photobomber!!!


image We left him down there!

Good day had by all and in the evening L-Bro and I went on the Colonial Tram Car Restaurant. We did the whole 5 course shebang and it was awesome and I was stuffed.
image Muchos soz for the poor quality picture, but we were travelling so fast(!) on the circa 1800 colonial era tram car that photo man couldn’t keep the camera still!


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9 thoughts on “Rocking it out!

  1. enjoyed ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. shiela on said:

    Wow, L Bro is so handsome! is he seeing anyone?

  3. Oh I love hanging rock! It’s one of my favourite places…should try the races there on Australia Day. You won’t remember much you’ll have lots of fun ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks for the tip, we will check that out. It is the first time we have been and really liked it. There is a winery there too I have just found out, (can’t believe we missed that!!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. It looks a complete knackering day!! The colonial tram restaurant looks fantastic and perfect ending to the day!

    • I was pretty shattered by the end thats for sure. The tram restaurant was great, it was lovely being ferried about while eating delicious food and seeing the sights all at the same time. Definitely the perfect ending. X

  5. That colonial tram car looks awfully cool!
    I’ve been to Mt Macedon once – beautiful country side!

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