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A place were no-one can hear you scream

We headed off Down the Great Ocean Road again this weekend full of anticipation of what the weekend would bring. Husb was entered into the Great Ocean Road half marathon. Having spent weeks training to get his distances up, we were both looking forward to a fun filled weekend enjoying the idyllic countryside around Apollo Bay and the shipwreck coast before husb took on the Half Marathon challenge on the Sunday.

Now I could tell you what a fabulous time we had and what a beautiful place we stayed in and how relaxing it was to be together as a family enjoying it all, but I am all about telling it like it is here at theonlywayismelbourne. I wouldn’t want to insult my readers intelligence so I am going to tell the truth, because unlike Jack Nicholson I think ‘you CAN  handle the truth’

With hindsight I have since realised that questions should have been raised when we became aware that the place that we were going to be staying was in fact, the only place available this particular weekend due to the Marathon festival. Every single place from Lorne right the way down to Kennet River and beyond was booked up ages ago. So instead of questioning why it was available in the first place and then when we found out the price, questioning why it was that cheap, we instead high fived each other and rushed ahead to book it before some other ‘lucky’ punter got in before us.

They say first impressions count.
Arriving at nearly 7pm in the pitch black having negotiated driving rain, that pesky Hitchcockian fog again, miles and miles up into the dark, forboding forest, getting further and further away from the civilisation of Apollo Bay, up almost vertical dirt tracks, with deadly precipices on each side with only a small piece of wire to protect us from an imminent rolling down the hill death, we almost arrived.

Just one more very slippy hairpin bend to negotiate and we were on the home straight on the driveway up to the house. We inched our way slowly up the unwelcoming drive only to be greeted with this

Broken tree

I would have taken the pic when we first saw it in the dark but frankly I was too scared to move in case this was a booby trap of some kind like they do in the movies, you stop the car and then something or someone jumps out on you and bludgeons you to death. (I’m sorry but I’ve been dealing with this since our stay and it is good to finally let it all out).

Anyway we finally arrived at the house, we unpacked the car in the pitch black driving rain and ran into the ‘comfort’ of the house.

Wolf Creek Cottage

First impressions were that it was freezing,
second impression was that it smelt (old and musty),
third impression was that it was dirty,
fourth that it was unbelievably creepy
and fifth that I wanted to get out of there immediately. . . And that was before spotting the mould on the ceiling in the bedroom.
I tried to be positive, although I clearly didn’t do a very good job, as husb with false positivity remarked repeatedly that it will all look better in the morning.

It didn’t it just made it easier to see how horrendous it was.
Particular highlights for me included:-

The clear attention to detail to make the place really homely.

(I mean who needs curtains on all the windows anyway)


(You want clean walls with no holes in you say? – Well now you are just being picky)


And all this is before we get into Scary Movie territory.



shedI did not sleep a wink on the first night, all I could think of was that no one knew where we were and that anyone could come in and murder us in our beds or worse drag me through the forest  Blair Witch Style before murdering me there. (A little dramatic now that I am back in the safety of my Melbourne home but at the time believe me this was all real in my head).

We were booked in for 3 nights of ‘relaxation’, we left after 2 preferring to drive 3 1/2 hours home after husb had run his half marathon than stay another night in Wolf Creek Cottage**

That reminds me, husbs half marathon.
I will have to tell you about that another time, I am too worn out reliving my worst fears coming true, in the middle of nowhere . . . . . Where no one can hear your screams!

**Some names have been changed to protect identities should any of you be crazy enough to want to stay in said scary cottage.


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10 thoughts on “A place were no-one can hear you scream

  1. Oh man – always check great deals when they look too good to be true !!! We have learnt the hard way as well. So glad you high tailed it out of there on Sunday – we would have missed you if you had been dragged off !!!!
    Have the best week !

    • I have definitely learned my lesson, thats for sure, the thing is that the picture on the website looked nothing like the place, unless it was taken 30 years ago and they haven’t updated it. It was soooo good to be in my own bed on Sunday night. Xxx

  2. Have you not heard of !??! Do everyone a favour and go and review this place on that website, lest someone else is as unfortunate enough to stay there! EEEEK!!!! It’s spooky just looking at the pictures!!! Glad you got home without being murdered!

    • We should have looked before we booked, I know we should, but we were short on options as we had to be there that weekend so there wasn’t a lot of choice left. I will review it though.
      So glad to be home safe and sound too. Xxx

  3. Omg! I actually thought I was reading Blair Witch II then, how horrendous for you Rhi…that would have to be the worst rental I have ever seen. Hope you all hugged in the comfort of your own home when you got back 🙂

  4. It was just awful Neets, awful, awful. I really don’t know how they can get away with renting it in that state, unless it is to unsuspecting people like us. I was very glad to be out of there, except we were halfway down the driveway on the way to freedom and then I realised I had left my phone charger in the kitchen, so we had to go back for it, I had visions of being so close to freedom only for someone to leap out on me when I got into the house!! (I do have a wild imagination). Either way, very glad to be home. 🙂

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  6. You big Jessie

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