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Half marathons and haunted houses

I’ve already written about our accommodation fiasco the weekend of the Great Ocean Road Marathon festival, so I won’t regurge that, however, if you haven’t read about it and looked at the pictures in all their gory glory you can do so here, I did, however want to write about husbs efforts in the half marathon, as that was the whole reason that we were there in the first place. (And why we didn’t go home after the first hellish night!)

It was a very very early start on the Sunday morning. The half marathon route was a linear one running from Kennet River and finishing in Apollo Bay so it meant that all the runners staying in Apollo Bay had to be bused over to the start line as all the roads were closed for the races.

This meant a 6.15am pick up from Apollo Bay, which meant me dragging myself and the Bear out of bed at 5.30am chucking a jumper on over my PJs, bundling a still sleeping (but not for long) Bear into the car and driving the precarious 11k drive down into Apollo Bay in the driving rain to drop husb off – pleasant!

By the time we dropped husb off it was still pitch black and I really really did not fancy the horrendous drive back up to the horrendous scary movie cottage in the dark. Even less than I fancied being in the house all alone, just me and the Bear in the dark. So we waited in the car for a hour for it to get light before heading back up the treacherous track to the scary house.

We got back and I rushed around making breakkie and getting us both dressed trying to take my mind off being there on my own and then we headed back down into Apollo Bay to watch husb finish.

It was packed but we managed to get a good spot to watch and we saw husb coming in looking remarkably comfortable for someone who had just run 23K.

Great Ocean Road half marathon
Yes that’s right the organisers lull you into a false sense of security telling you it is a half marathon 21k before then hitting you with the fact it is actually 23k when youve already signed up!

Husb completed his very hilly 23k in a very respectable 2.05hours. Pretty impressive.


imageAs we were walking back we saw the elite runners coming in in 1st and 2nd place for the full marathon – man they are fast, you don’t realise it when you watch on TV just how fast they are until you see them running against ordinary people. I am not sure how it is possible to even go that fast.

Back to husb though we are very proud of him and wait with baited breath to hear what his next challenge will be. Hopefully it won’t involve scary cottages and 5.30am starts – although this is husb you just never know!!


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2 thoughts on “Half marathons and haunted houses

  1. Well done Stevo

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