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It’s just not how I roll actually.

Well I was all set to post about the amazeballs start to our holiday that we had hanging out in the First Class lounge. In fact I had pretty much already written the post. I was going to regale you with tales of wonder and delight. Well it serves me well and truly right for counting my chickens doesn’t it. Yep instead of living it up in the First Class Lounge I am instead sat in a crumby airport cafe eating a crumby airport sandwich Read more…


The perils of being a woman – Peril 1 Feminine Hygiene

Let’s be honest, women have a bit of a rough deal when it comes to . . . well everything really don’t you think?
If it’s not the monthly hormonal hoedown that is the dreaded period with it’s emotional roller-coaster and spotty skin, not to mention wanting to eat everything in sight.
Then it’s the miracle of pregnancy complete with hormonal hoedown (again), dodgy skin (again), wanting to eat everything in sight (again) plus the addition of a beautiful selection of stretch-marks across a once toned and taught tummy, but which now looks like you have had the entire London Underground map tattooed to your stomach (oh yes by the time you are hitting month 8 there is more than enough room to fit Zone 6 on there too).
And thats all before we get onto the miracle that is

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Handy tips on how to lose friends at the gym

I fear I have been spending too much of my time at the gym. So much so it feels like a second home. There is now a well worn path from my house through the park and ending at the gym.

You’d think one of two things would happen given that I am spending so much time there.

1. I would by now possess the abs of Pink
2. I would know what the correct gym etiquette is
3. I would be ripped – did I say that already? Well I am feeling pretty hard done to on the count

Neither of these things have happened. Read more…

Homeward Bound

Now I know that some of you may know that I have been lucky enough to be shortlisted in a teeny tiny little thing called the MAD Blog Awards. If you didn’t know, I am not sure how it has escaped your attention given that I have been harping on about it for what seems like forever, here, here and here.

The awards ceremony is taking place on 20 September at the very swish Royal Garden Hotel in London (Kensington no less – get me!) and guess who’s flying back to the UK for the ceremony. . .

My friend S. . . Read more…

The Bright side

I feel a bit bad having told you all about our weekend from hell, without telling you any of the good bits and there were some good bits – honestly! it has just taken me a long time to write about them.

It will be a pretty short post though!!

I have said before, that the whole purpose of the weekend away was for husb to take part in the Great Ocean Road Half Marathon. Husb says I have to tell you that it was very hilly.

It was very hilly.

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