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The Bright side

I feel a bit bad having told you all about our weekend from hell, without telling you any of the good bits and there were some good bits – honestly! it has just taken me a long time to write about them.

It will be a pretty short post though!!

I have said before, that the whole purpose of the weekend away was for husb to take part in the Great Ocean Road Half Marathon. Husb says I have to tell you that it was very hilly.

It was very hilly.

Anyway, his half marathon was on the Sunday and we got down there on the Friday night thinking that we would make the most of the opportunity of a weekend away.

As you are probably by now well aware – to say our house was not quite what we were expecting would be an understatement, so we wolfed down a very hasty breakfast on the Saturday morning and got the hell out of that joint for the day so that we could head out on the road and check out all the bits of the Great Ocean Road that we haven’t yet got round to visiting (and stay out of the house as long as humanely possible).

It was a long day, but a really enjoyable one (until we had to head back to said hellhouse of course!).

We have seen the 12 Apostles a few times now (and there are still only 8 – bad advertising!) with varying family members so we thought we’d bypass those all together and instead headed over to Loch Ard Gorge and Thunder Cave.

One word – AMAZING.
Loch Ard Gorge

This is the start of the shipwreck coast and has a rich maritime history. Loch Ard Gorge was actually named after the Ship that sank there in the 1800s.

Loch Ard GorgeThe views were absolutely breathtaking.



imageWe dropped down to the beach at Thunder Cave were the 2 Loch Ard shipwreck survivors had been washed ashore. The waves were crashing, I got water in my welly boots and it was freezing but I am so glad we went all the way down to the beach.

imageIt was stunning.



We didn’t manage to get to all the sights as we were just a little bit slower than we thought we’d be due to transportation issues. . . .


and we didn’t realise that we would be spending so much time at each of them but that’s ok. The beauty of it is that we are here for a while and have plenty of time to properly explore the beauty of the coast instead of rushing in and rushing out again just to say that we’ve done it.

We have done (most) of it though.

Just saying!


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