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It’s just not how I roll actually.

Well I was all set to post about the amazeballs start to our holiday that we had hanging out in the First Class lounge. In fact I had pretty much already written the post. I was going to regale you with tales of wonder and delight. Well it serves me well and truly right for counting my chickens doesn’t it. Yep instead of living it up in the First Class Lounge I am instead sat in a crumby airport cafe eating a crumby airport sandwich.

Disappointed doesn’t cover it!

Instead of calmly arriving at the airport and casually wandering into the First Class Lounge we instead stormed around the airport trying to find First Class Lounge only to find it closed. Not to be defeated we stormed over to the Business Lounge only for that too to be shut. Stoic as always we tried our luck with the Emirates lounge as we were on a code share flight so surely they would let us loyal customers in. Nope!
Not very happy.
Which brings me to the present, instead of typing from the First Class Lounge I am instead typing from aforesaid cruddy cafe.

Husb has just told me he checked into Facebook at the First Class Lounge but I don’t think standing outside the locked door really counts as being there!

Oh well never mind. First world problems and all that!

Anyway in all the excitement I forgot to tell you where we are going on our holibobs.

I am very excited we are off to Fiji Baby Fiji!

Bula (that means ‘hello’ check me out, I am down with the lingo already).

See you on the other side. . .


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2 thoughts on “It’s just not how I roll actually.

  1. Anna Spanna on said:

    Have a wonderful holiday! Do you at least get to fly First Class even though the lounge was closed!! Xxx

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