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365 days in pictures (and some words)

This week is a week of 1sts.
I’ve had a 1st blogiversary, my gorgebag nephew had his 1st birthday and now today is my 1 year anniversary of touching down on Aussie soil to start a new chapter of my life in Melbourne.

I remember this time last year well, it was very busy one.

Gorgebag nephew decided to cut it so fine with his arrival that he finally came into this world on the very same day I flew out to Australia giving me just a few hours to rush down to see him in hospital before heading straight to the airport and jetting off to a land Down Under Read more…


What a day!


I’ve done it.

The more eagle eyed of my readers may have spotted from my archives list that I have hit myself a little milestone.

I have only managed to keep my little blog up and running for 1 whole year haven’t I.

Yep that’s right, today is my official 1 year blogiversary.

Parp! Read more…

I just miss you.

I sat on the bench overlooking the lake alone on this beautiful unseasonably warm mid-winters day and I let the tears fall.

They came from nowhere, out of the blue, completely unbidden, even more unexpected.

My iPod was on shuffle. I was happily power walking along to the bouncy beat of the Black Eyed Peas one minute and the next, my walk abandoned, I found myself on a bench crying huge body shaking sobs.

Read more…

Fiji Baby – A Bula birthday

The very last day of our holiday was also my 18th birthday and as our flight back to Melbourne wasn’t until the evening we got to spend pretty much a whole extra day at our resort soaking up the sun, atmosphere, copious beers – well husband had to get them all in before he entered self imposed alcohol exile for ‘dry July’, and generally enjoying fun and frolics in the pool before we had to finally head off to catch our flight.

The Bear managed to make the most of his remaining time by commandeering a little girls inflatable Wiggles Car and making it his own for the remaining time we were there. I don’t think she minded but I thought it best to befriend her mum in case she thought we were going to nick off sharpish with her inflatable Wiggles car as our getaway vehicle.


Having my birthday on holiday was great and there were most definitely some differences between last years birthday and this years and I couldn’t help but compare the two as I lay on my lounger reading an imported Heat magazine for the bargainous price of $15. As they were so different I thought I would let you in on what those differences were.

2012 – Birthday location

Very rainy England, staring sadly out of the window from my temporary home at my in-laws. Joey from friends style. Read more…

Fiji Baby! Food, Drink and Twinkle, twinkle little star!

We have just spent the most amazing week on holiday in stunning Fiji. I want to tell you all about it right here and right now but there is so much to say that I think it is best if I split it into bite size chunks (also so that I can relive it some more each time I write a post).

The last few days that we spent in Fiji were just as idyllic as the rest of our time there and I think we went out on a high. Read more…

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