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STOP! . . . It’s Fiji time.

We have just spent the most amazing week on holiday in stunning Fiji hence the radio silence for a bit. I want to tell you all about it right here and right now but there is so much to say that I think it is best if I split it into bite size chunks (and also so that I can relive it some more each time I write a post).

I was expecting beautiful sandy beaches, warm inviting ocean and lazy days lounging by the gorgeous pool at our resort.

I wasn’t disappointed.

Denaru Beach

This place is just fabulous. From the moment we touched down at Nadi airport and were serenaded with traditional Fiji singers as we disembarked the plane, I knew it was going to be special.

Once we cleared immigration and collected our bags we were greeted with the traditional ‘Bula’ and presented with a beautiful shell necklace each, including the Bear who was rather bemused by his and kept calling it his medal.

His 'medal' hiding under his Woo Woo.

His ‘medal’ hiding under his Woo Woo.

We were then whisked off to our home for the week Fiji Resort and Spa by Hilton on Denaru Island just a short hop from the airport.


On arrival at the resort we were inundated with genuinely friendly staff clamouring to help us with our bags, cheerful shouts of ‘Bula Bula’and ‘Welcome Home’ ringing in our ears as we checked in.

Hilton Resort Denaru Fiji

The service couldn’t have been better, despite arriving at 6.45am and fully expecting to not be able to get to our room until at least 12pm we were set for a day of sitting by the pool in our travel clothes, but no, we checked in with no problems at all and were escorted to our room there and then.

We collapsed into bed for more than a couple of hours desperate for sleep given that we had had none on the overnight journey due to Bear. (Goodness knows what I am going to do on my own when we fly back to the UK). We were thwarted though as despite the Bear having had no sleep the night before and us putting up his travel cot and getting him snuggled ready for a sleep he was instead raring to go and explore the place. So husb and I dozed while Bear repeatedly shouted “mummy daddy out out”. “Come on daddy out “, “Mummy come” etc on a loop for 2 hours.

We gave in eventually, that boys got some staying power!

The location of our room was brilliant, right in the middle of everything, opposite the pool, restaurant and pretty much in the hub of it all. It couldn’t have been much better to be honest. Which makes a change for us after our last disastrous accommodation!

Hilton Resort Denaru Fiji

Hilton Resort Denaru Fiji

imageIt took us a little while to get used to things being on ‘Fiji time’ though, maybe it is us being used to rushing around at a speed of knots and wanting everything now (and that’s even though we have been living in laid back Australia for the past year), but we learnt pretty quickly that if we wanted something to eat it was best to order it a good hour and a half before we actually wanted to eat.

It took a couple of days of Bear screaming the place down for his food and me feeling physically sick with hunger by the time the food arrived that thinking and planning ahead was the thing to do. Husb took to ordering 2 beers at a time due to ‘Fiji Time’, he got that down pat pretty quickly and soon the staff knew to always give him two instead of one like normal people, if they thought he was odd they certainly didn’t show it and were perfectly happy to accommodate his requests. Even going so far as personally bringing us food from the restaurant to our apartment so we didn’t have to wait trying to entertain an impatient Bear.

The resort did have plenty of food options, 2 beachside restaurants, in house bbqs, room service as well as a deli and a pizzeria so although we had to wait for it there was always plenty of choice.

Hilton Resort Denaru Fiji

Having just read this gushfest of a post back to myself it sounds like I am being paid by the resort, I can assure you I’m not (although if they were to offer me a free stay next time I wouldn’t say no! )

I have plenty more to show you but will do it in another post so that this one isn’t the size of my University dissertation.

Fiji Baby yeh!


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