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Fiji Baby – South Sea Island

We have just spent the most amazing week on holiday in stunning Fiji hence the radio silence for a bit. I want to tell you all about it right here and right now but there is so much to say that I think it is best if I split it into bite size chunks (and also so that I can relive it some more each time I write a post).

Fiji is made up of a little more than 322 islands, and of those islands there are only around 110 or so that are inhabited.

As I am sure you can imagine given that we were there for just 8 days, we didn’t get to see all 322!

We were based in the Fiji main island and our resort was on Denaru island, we did get the opportunity however to leave the luxuryof our resort and head to one of the other islands for the day. We chose the ‘Finding Nemo’ tour which took us to South Sea Island just a 30 minute ferry trip from Denaru Marina.

This was the best option for us as we knew that it would be a struggle stopping the Bear from throwing himself over the side of the ferry so the shorter the journey the better for us.

On the ferry. I've got hold of one leg, husb has the other.

On the ferry. I’ve got hold of one leg, husb has the other.

Once off the ferry we transferred to another little boat to take us the rest of the way to the island, our first view of South Sea Island was absolutely breathtaking. Completely what you expect paradise to look like.

South Sea Island - Fiji

South Sea Island - Fiji

South Sea Island - Fiji

Once again on arriving at the island we were again serenaded as we disembarked the boat and made our way up the white sand beach which was to be our temporary home for the day.

South Sea Island - Fiji

The day trip was called Finding Nemo as it included journeying down to the bottom of the sea in a special submarine boat to look at all the sea life and attempt to Find Nemo (we didn’t but we all know that’s because Nemo found his way back to his dad in the end).

The submersible 'Finding Nemo' boat.

The submersible ‘Finding Nemo’ boat.

It was a little bit claustrophobic inside the boat and very very hot even though we were at the bottom of the ocean. I must admit I did get a little panicky when I noticed the water dripping through the roof and I may or may not have frantically (without drawing too much attention to my panicked state of course) started searching for a possible escape route as my visions of the whole roof collapsing in with the weight of the water on top of it and myself and the Bear dying a gruesome drowning death in paradise became closer and closer to reality in my mind which each new creak I heard and with each new drop of water on my forehead. That’s right it was just me and the Bear, husb had somehow managed to avoid searching for little Nemo and instead sloped off to go on a snorkelling expedition, as I came back up onto the surface at this point gasping for air who should I spot but a very jolly husb on the other boat heading off into the tranquil turquoise waters for a spot of Bearless snorkelling. Cunning.

The Bear seemed to like it, the quizzical look was due my hyperventilation.

The Bear seemed to like it, the quizzical look was due my hyperventilation.


The trip came to an end far too quickly but we managed to fit in a lot of sunbathing.
A spot of swimming.


A bit of face painting

image(not really sure how that happened, it was supposed to be a tiger . . . On the Bears face!)

And a whole lotta relaxing.

Stay tuned for the next installment !

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STOP!. . . .It’s Fiji time.


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5 thoughts on “Fiji Baby – South Sea Island

  1. Oh how exciting. Looks like you had a ball! Reminds me of my trip there in Feb this year for our honeymoon. Just magical x

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