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Fiji Baby! Food, Drink and Twinkle, twinkle little star!

We have just spent the most amazing week on holiday in stunning Fiji. I want to tell you all about it right here and right now but there is so much to say that I think it is best if I split it into bite size chunks (also so that I can relive it some more each time I write a post).

The last few days that we spent in Fiji were just as idyllic as the rest of our time there and I think we went out on a high.image

I said in my earlier post that our resort offered a myriad of food options including the 2 beautiful beachside restaurants and this is absolutely true. What I didn’t tell you about were the other options available depending on the day, there were traditional ‘warrior dinners’, paella night and the one that we chose – a traditional Fijian buffet that took place right on the beach, tables in the sand, the whole shizzle. There was  the most magnificent spread of traditional Fijian food, ranging from the traditional Fijian fish dishes – mud tail crab (a-may-zing), mussels, prawns, catch of the day all served with beautiful sauces and salsas accompanied by the most fabulous salads I have ever seen. To the Indian influenced Fijian curry dishes, fresh rotis, chapatis, and these amazing chilli fish ball things right the way to goat curry. I am salivating again just thinking about it – and that was before I even get onto the glorious display of desserts, fresh fabulous tropical fruits, gorgeous indian inspired sweets, plantain and coconut pudding, banana fritters – seriously I could go on.

Not the best quality picture but you get the idea!

Not the best quality picture but you get the idea!

imageThis was all served on the beach under the stars while we watched a troupe of traditional Fijian dancers do their thing – complete with fire breathing and lots of shouting and shaking of booty – and that was just the men! It certainly kept the Bear entertained.


Couldn't get a very good picture of the dancers so here's one we stopped earlier!

Couldn’t get a very good picture of the dancers so here’s one we stopped earlier!

Once we had overeaten to capacity and felt like we were going to burst we followed the strains of acoustic guitars until we reached three of the resorts staff sat on a mat jamming along together and drinking Kava. Despite of (or maybe because of) having the Bear with us they invited us to come and sit down and just chill with them (as much as you can chill with a toddler of course). They had built up quite a gathering of random people just sitting with them, some singing, some playing guitar now and then, but all sharing in the Kava love.

Again not the actual ones, I thought it might be a bit rude to shove a camera in their face while they are serenading my son.

Again not the actual ones, I thought it might be a bit rude to shove a camera in their face while they are serenading my son.

The Bear was loving it especially when one of the guys lay down next to him with his guitar and as they both looked into the clear night sky he started singing ‘twinkle twinkle little star to him’. I can honestly say that that is the longest he has ever kept still when he was not asleep and as the guy sang to him strumming along on his guitar he lay perfectly still looking up at the bright stars in the sky and just listened! We should have brought that guy home with us, he was like the Bear whisperer.

All good things must come to an end though and after a while we said our goodbyes and headed back up to our apartment, very relaxed (from the Kava) and sad to be going home the next day.


imageI think I have fallen in love with Fiji!

If you like you can read my other Fiji posts here.

STOP! . . .It’s Fiji time.

Fiji Baby – South Sea Island


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  2. Gosh bear looks so old! I need to sort out a day to see him when you are home

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