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Fiji Baby – A Bula birthday

The very last day of our holiday was also my 18th birthday and as our flight back to Melbourne wasn’t until the evening we got to spend pretty much a whole extra day at our resort soaking up the sun, atmosphere, copious beers – well husband had to get them all in before he entered self imposed alcohol exile for ‘dry July’, and generally enjoying fun and frolics in the pool before we had to finally head off to catch our flight.

The Bear managed to make the most of his remaining time by commandeering a little girls inflatable Wiggles Car and making it his own for the remaining time we were there. I don’t think she minded but I thought it best to befriend her mum in case she thought we were going to nick off sharpish with her inflatable Wiggles car as our getaway vehicle.


Having my birthday on holiday was great and there were most definitely some differences between last years birthday and this years and I couldn’t help but compare the two as I lay on my lounger reading an imported Heat magazine for the bargainous price of $15. As they were so different I thought I would let you in on what those differences were.

2012 – Birthday location

Very rainy England, staring sadly out of the window from my temporary home at my in-laws. Joey from friends style.



2013 – Birthday location

Whatchu talkin bout Willis? Birthday spent in Fiji of course! More pacifically* next to the beach by the pool in the Fijian sun.

2012- Birthday socialising

None/Nil/Nada (unless you count toddler chats with the Bear). Husb thousands of miles away in Australia and me in England.

2013 – Birthday socialising

Lounging by the pool, chatting to other holiday makers and most importantly with my husb. Did also have toddler chats with the Bear, but always nicer to do it when they can talk back and you are at the side of a pool (did I mention the pool?)

2012 – Birthday entertainment

Went to the cinema ON MY OWN to watch ‘Rock of Ages’ – terrible terrible film. On the plus side I . . . . . . .

No wait, there was no plus side.

2013 – Birthday entertainment

The Bula boys entertainment crew, swimming in the pool, playing on the beach and reading trashy mags.


All in all I think 2013 was a good vintage.

Ok Ok this wasn’t technically a Fiji Fiji post but it does give me an excuse to show you some more pics!


* I know its ‘specific’ and not ‘pacific’, I was making a joke because I was next to the Pacific ocean. If you didn’t get it well that’s because my humour is clearly far too high brow! If you didn’t realise there was anything wrong – shame on you, I’m sending the grammar police round immediately. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Fiji Baby – A Bula birthday

  1. so virtually the same!

  2. More or less 🙂

  3. Isn’t it weird to think that your birthday used to be in summer and now it is in Winter – mine is exactly the same, as is our wedding anniversary!

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