Blogging from Down Under

What a day!


I’ve done it.

The more eagle eyed of my readers may have spotted from my archives list that I have hit myself a little milestone.

I have only managed to keep my little blog up and running for 1 whole year haven’t I.

Yep that’s right, today is my official 1 year blogiversary.

Parp! (That’s a trumpet, I didn’t just break wind).
Sound the 12 gun salute!
Throw the confetti!
Do other celebratory things!

imageSo much has happened since my first little post!


I am so pleased (and a little surprised if I’m entirely honest) that I have been able to keep it going for that time.

I’m really glad I have though, it’s been fun looking back on my first few posts after arriving in Melbourne. Completely devoid of pictures because at that stage I hadn’t worked out how to get them onto my blog, I was that technically inept. Reading the words that I wrote takes me right back to how I was feeling at that time. Which is good because that’s why I started it in the first place after all.

I’ve met some lovely people along the way and special thanks must of course go to my lovely friend who set me up with this blogging lark in the first place and patiently answered all my stupid queries when they came through in the middle of the night for her. The lovely Jane who blogs at Northern Mum.

If you haven’t read her blog you should it’s ace.

Anyway back to me because it’s all about me after all. Do you know what the best thing about all this is? Well I will tell you. The best thing is that through 12 months of blogging and 107 posts my standard has never faltered. Yes, I’ve been completely consistent in churning out high brow discussion worthy hard-hitting writing!!!

Just have a read here and tell me you don’t learn something? :-/

And you know what folks, you can expect another year of the same. (Please keep reading anyway though).

I’m feeling a bit emosh now, whose words are appropriate to finish with for such a momentous occasion? Oscar Wilde maybe, William Wordsworth perhaps?
No I know just the wordsmith for a moment like this.

“I’m so glad we made it, look how far we’ve come my baby”

Can’t beat Shania Twain eh!

So a toast
*clinks glasses together*
To theonlywayismelbourne.

. . . And you all thought I was going to blog about the new royal baby!

Well although it’s not quite as momentous as my blogiversary. Congratulations to Will and Kate too. (Can’t believe they hijacked my special moment though!)

But now back to me. . .


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8 thoughts on “What a day!

  1. Rita Azar on said:

    Congrats Rhian! Yeah! I love the way you write, you always make me smile! I’m so happy you joined the blogosphere! Wishing you many more years of blogging!

  2. Happy blogiversary to you, happy blogiversary to you, happy blogiversary dear Rhi, happy blogiversary to you…hippip hooray! Keep up the great posts, I love reading them x

  3. Heeeee thanks Neets. I will do my best. Xx
    P.s You’ve got a lovely singing voice 😉

  4. Happy bloggiversary!! You write really well and I always chuckle at your posts so I hope you carry on for years to come!

  5. you still have lessons to learn my child, self hosted?

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