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365 days in pictures (and some words)

This week is a week of 1sts.
I’ve had a 1st blogiversary, my gorgebag nephew had his 1st birthday and now today is my 1 year anniversary of touching down on Aussie soil to start a new chapter of my life in Melbourne.

I remember this time last year well, it was very busy one.

Gorgebag nephew decided to cut it so fine with his arrival that he finally came into this world on the very same day I flew out to Australia giving me just a few hours to rush down to see him in hospital before heading straight to the airport and jetting off to a land Down Under (you’d better run, you’d better take cover- don’t worry I won’t sing anymore they are the only words I know).



imageAt the airport about to head off on our new adventure.

What a year it’s been, I can’t really believe it has been that long, it seems to have flown past in the blink of an eye, but then I do blink slowly!

Just arrived at our new home. Don't know why he was yawning, it's not as if he didn't sleep a wink on the second leg or anything!

Just arrived at our new home. Don’t know why he was yawning, it’s not as if he didn’t sleep a wink on the second leg or anything!

I mean you'd think husb would have got us some furniture!

I mean you’d think husb would have got us some furniture!

Our first little outing.

Our first little outing.

We have packed so much in in such a relatively short space of time already, making the most of the beautiful Victorian countryside visiting the Great Ocean Road.




Yeah, we have done the Great Ocean Road a lot!

We have also done the Dandenong and Macedon Ranges

As well as heading further afield, heading out to Sydney




Not to forget Fantastic Fiji Baby!

FijiThere is so much more on our list of things to see and do and places to go and we are working our way through them as time (and money) allow.

Not to forget lovely little Melbourne of course, this fair city has its share of things to do and see and we have made the most of it.


imageThings have changed so much for us in this year. I know that time moves on and we are in for many many more changes in the coming year as well. You know how it is, you think you are settled and sorted one minute and then boom, life throws another curveball at you and suddenly you are back to trying to make it all fit again.

Whatever life and Australia throws at us in this next year I know it will be another great one cementing friendships here as well as saying tearful farewells as people move on.

image  image

Man I’m welling up here!

imageThanks for a brilliant first year Australia – it’s been emotional.


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15 thoughts on “365 days in pictures (and some words)

  1. Happy anniversary Rhi, wow it certainly hasn’t been a boring year for you, has it? Glad you’ve loved this fabulous country 🙂 now off to bed to get my beauty sleep before the 2nd run in the Salomon series. I’m a little nervous, just quietly x

  2. cant believe it is a year! I have not seen H much and she lives in same country.
    However I miss you, bring my godson home x

  3. Rita Azar on said:

    Great post Rhian! Wow! You’ve done heaps in one year! Love the last picture.

  4. happy anniversary! what a busy year it has been, hope the next year is packed full of as much fun, laughs and adventure! x

  5. Fabulous post and a very full on year – hope the next 12 months are just as adventurous and fun!

  6. Happy anniversary – and congratulations! I can really relate to your paragraph about how you think you’re settled and have this new country under control, then a curveball comes along… :-S

  7. Thanks Regan and thanks for popping by. I see you have only been in Sweden a short while, it will get better as things become more familiar. Xx

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