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The perils of being a woman – Peril 2 – Hormones

So now that the cat is out of the bag. Well actually I suppose it is still in the bag,  the bag being my womb of course and it’s not, in fact a cat it’s a mini human which is good for me I mean who wants to give birth to a cat. Giving birth is painful enough without having to worry about kitten claws as well.
Ok slight tangent there and on reflection not the best analogy to open with but we’ll plough on through – still with me? I wouldn’t blame if you if you weren’t to be completely honest, I am a bit confused myself.

Anyway, anyway now that our news is out I am able to freely let loose on Peril number 2. (Would have been so much easier to have said that in the first place).

So to peril number 2 the dreaded pregnancy hormones.
At least I hope it’s pregnancy hormones, I seem to be blaming everything that I do on pregnancy hormones at the moment.

imageI’ll set the scene.

Husb got home the other day and found me with tears streaming down my face, uncontrollably sobbing on the sofa while the Bear sat quietly next to me looking a little perplexed.

Understandably husband was a little concerned about the mad eyed wailing woman on the sofa and over he rushed to check on me.
“What is it, what’s happened?” he asked his voice full of concern.

“Are you ok?
Are you in pain?”

In between sobs mad wailing woman began to falteringly whimper the reason for her distress.

It took a while for anything coherent to leave my lips and husb was getting more concerned by the second, until he managed to decipher one word from the tumble of teary hiccupy words that had come tumbling out of my mouth.


“Cars?” Repeated husb understandably a little confused.

“Why what’s wrong have you crashed it?

Were you hurt?

Is Bear ok? Is there lots of damage?”

No, not our car, ‘Cars’ I replied woefully, sniffing back another stream of hot tears.
As in ‘Cars’
The movie.
You know Lightening McQueen naughty racing car turned good. Disney animated children’s movie.

That ‘Cars’.

Again husb was a touch confused so slowly but surely in between my nose blowing and sniffling I explained the one particular part that had got me so distraught, that my eyes were all swollen. It was the bit were Sally the Porsche explains to Lightening what happened to the lovely little all American town of Radiator Springs when they built the freeway and bypassed Route 66. It chokes me up even now when I think about it. If you haven’t seen it, oh it’s just heartbreaking (!).

Anyway once I had finally managed to explain my strange behaviour to husb and he watched the clip, there was no more said on the matter. He simply walked away in silence with what I am sure was a slight slow shake of his head.

Now the head shake could have been in response to my mania and him seeing the years of being married to a mentalist stretching out in front of him, or it could have been because he too, was so shocked and saddened by what happened to that little all American town.

I think  it was the latter.

Seriously though, these Disney  movies should have some sort of parental advisory warning on them or something!

Tell me I am not alone? There must be someone out there who had the same reaction to this tear-jerker of a movie as me? 

To check out the other perils in the series (so far only 1 hence this being number 2)

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10 thoughts on “The perils of being a woman – Peril 2 – Hormones

  1. I ALWAYS cry at Disney movies, have you seen UP? I always go at that part when they show the montage of them growing old together, you MUST watch it! I think it’s great we are still touched by kid’s movies xx

    • Oh I’ve not seen it, it sounds like it would finish me off in my current state, maybe I will wait until the hormones are a little calmer! Glad it is not just me then 🙂

  2. Anna Taylor on said:

    Rhe. Best steer clear of ET and Bambi then!!! Hope all is well (except for the preggo hormones). Xxxxx

  3. For god’s sake don’t watch Toy Story 2, where Jessie the cowgirl doll sings about the little girl who loved her growing up and leaving her behind. I don’t even have to be pregnant to cry at that one!

    Congrats to you and the Mr on your good news. Lot’s of love and craziness on it’s way to you in about 7 months time 🙂

  4. That definitely sounds like one that would have me in pieces, I’ll leave that well alone then, thanks for the tip!
    Thanks for the congrats, 7 months? Try 4- eeek

  5. Rita Azar on said:

    Oh Rhian! I cry all the time at those Disney movies! My husband just don’t get it!

    • Oh good I’m glad it’s not just me then and you don’t even have the preg excuse . . . . Do you?!? 😉
      It must be a male/female thing men clearly aren’t in touch with their feelings like us girls!

  6. My hubby welled up at the end of Toy Story 3… And it’s definitely not preggy hormones for him. 🙂

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