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I had a dream

I had a dream.

A  precious dream held since I was a nipper.
I wasn’t sure I would ever realise this special dream and when husb hit me with the devastating news that he didn’t share my dream I was beyond shocked. I mean these are the sorts of fundamentals that you should discuss with your future husband. Having a shared vision is hugely important when it comes to building a solid long lasting relationship isn’t it.

How could I have not realised we were so poles apart on this important aspect. How had I not dealt with this at the time?

Looking back maybe I thought; as many women do, that he would change his mind, that given time he’d see how important it was to me and would come round to the idea.

I won’t lie, when I finally came to the realisation that this was not going to happen, I was devastated, and as my dream lay in tatters I thought it was all but over.
I mean without husb where was the meaning in pursuing my dream, could I do it alone, did I even want to if I had no one to share it with?

My dream, so important to me, was left on a shelf to gather dust.
. . . . .

Until today.

Today my dream was brought back to life, taken off the shelf and dusted off.

Today, after all those years of yearning, of setbacks, of disappointments, I finally realised a dream held so dear for so long.

I was here

I stood on the familiar golden sand with that same sun beating down on me after leaving wet, windy Melbourne just the day before, full of trepidation of what the weekend would bring. So many questions, would I fulfil my dream? Would it be everything I thought it would or would I be disappointed that my dream held so dear for so many years, when faced with the reality wouldn’t live up to my expectations.

I needn’t have worried. . .
It’s always summer in Summer Bay!

Yes! I was finally here.

Home and Away

I was so pleased when New Zealand friend said she would go with me and in fact not only did she say she’d go but she was as excited about it as me (well perhaps not quite as much as me but she was nearly at my excitement levels and that’s good enough for me).
Plus not only did she say she’d come with but she also drove us- she’s a keeper that one.
Not for us the ridiculously expensive tour bus nope we did it ourselves – only we did it better!


Behold! – Our carefully planned itinerary.

We stocked up on sustenance first so that our empty bellies didn’t slow us down for we had much to see.



First stop on our legendary tour of the Bay was the ocean pool and rocks the site of many a Brax and Ricky scene.



Then we headed further up the beach, recognise these?
Summer Bay

Summer Bay Surf Club

imageThey even have Summer Bay stickers on the actual real life vehicles!

NZ friend and I re-enacting a particularly dramatic bench scene. We were pretty good, it's a shame there were no crew around to witness our excellence and give us parts in the show!

NZ friend and I re-enacting a particularly dramatic bench scene. We were pretty good, it’s a shame there were no crew around to witness our excellence and give us parts in the show!

Summer Bay‘Closer each day, Home and Away’ . . .

Oh no the credits are rolling, looks like I’m out of time.

Stay tuned for Episode 2 viewers.


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8 thoughts on “I had a dream

  1. Anna spanna on said:

    I’ve been waiting for this post! Isn’t it surreal finally being there after watching it for so many years! Fabulous! You know what’s next……”neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours……” Although not quite as good now they have that dodgy new theme song! Oh and don’t get chased away by the security guard like we did on our home made tour!! Xxx

    • It was brilliant- loved it! I feel the neighbours one is more of a duty as I live nearby but I don’t watch it and haven’t for years now. It’s got to be done though otherwise I would feel cheated! My loyalties lie with Home and Away though. 😀 x

  2. Let me be the one that you turn tooooooo……you should sell that tour to others 😉

  3. I was amazed by that place! The houses in the hills that look down on it are huge and the main beach is lovely! We caught a public bus from Sydney and that took 2 hours, but from Melbourne is real dedication! Hope you both enjoyed it!

  4. It is absolutely gorgeous. I wonder who can afford to live in those houses though, they are so massive I think a bit out of my price range! My friend lives in Sydney so we made a weekend of it. We loved it thanks, definitely lived up to expectations (ha I sound like such a soapie loser – I don’t care I’m a H&A fan and proud of it! )
    Thanks for commenting. 🙂

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