Blogging from Down Under

Living the dream.

Der ner ner nerrrr . . .*

Previously on theonlywayismelbourne the ‘Home and Away’ series

I had a dream

It came true.

I had arrived in Summer Bay

My fabulous acting skills meant that I very nearly got offered a part as Brax’s hot English totty.

Cept I didn’t.

So I instead stalked the rest of the Bay

We hung out at the Surf Club for a bit, tried to get a Gelato but no luck.

Summer Bay Surf Club


Summer Bay Surf Clubimage

In need of some nourishment we headed to the Pier Diner for a milkshake!

The Pier Dinerimage






The final stop on our homemade Home and Away tour was the iconic Stewarts Point.

Now I perhaps didn’t do quite as much research as I could have done (maybe the scribble on the scrap of paper gave it away), and as we were leaving the Diner we just thought we would check with the lovely waitress (not Irene) how long it would take us to get to the lighthouse. She was very nice about it but told us in no uncertain terms that we could not drive all the way up to the lighthouse and would have to walk. Which would have been fine except it was getting towards the end of the day and the light was fading very quickly. We ummed and ahhed a bit until I made the decision to just do it. I think NZ friend and mum were quite happy to leave it at that and go home but I hadn’t come all this way to be beaten at the last hurdle. I came here to do the whole thing and that is what I was going to do even if I had to do it in the dark (though I accept the resulting photographs wouldn’t have been quite so good). Which meant that I may have practically forced NZ friend and mum to hike up there with me, but that’s because I knew it was for their own good and they’d thank me in the end!

Despite the fading light we got some good pics at the top and despite having to pick our way down inch by inch in the dark it was all worth it.


Summer Bay

 Closer each daaaaaay . . . 


Roll credits



NZ Friend

Supporting Cast

NZ friends mum

*Home and Away theme tune (obviously) . . .


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4 thoughts on “Living the dream.

  1. All I can say is….you’re a dork! ha ha

  2. . . . .And proud of it !!!

  3. Well dork I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award on my blog today. It was the trip to Summer Bay that sealed your place in my top 11. ha ha ha! Hope you have a great week! x Aroha

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