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Why Dita Von Teese has nothing on me!

This time round I have been determined to try and stay active in pregnancy, not that I wasn’t when I was pregnant with the Bear but I wasn’t as fit starting out as I was/am this time.

Previously I was doing my boxing classes, but the sweat in eye incident coupled with the fact that some people are a little bit too gung-ho with their punches,(all about the power, not the aim) meant that I had to give that up quite soon into my pregnancy.

Unfortunately my parkrun exploits and TRX training have also fallen by the wayside a bit too.

I (rather foolishly perhaps), started spinning not long after I became pregnant, and whilst I am trying to maintain it, it is really not the most comfortable exercise to do at the best of times (crotchwise – if you get my drift) made even harder when carrying a little extra weight out front. Don’t get me wrong though I am sticking with it – for the time being, along with shaking what my mama gave me at Zumba!

In addition I have also recently added aqua aerobics to my repertoire.
I tried it for the first time this week, if I am entirely honest I am not sure I will be carrying on with that one. I did what I was told to do at the start of the class, I went and introduced myself to the teacher telling her I was pregnant. Her response of ‘oh’ followed by prolonged silence as I tried to think of a suitable reply, before turning back to her buddy and continuing her conversation which I so rudely interrupted, should have set alarm bells off in my head. Well it did set them off but I ignored them.

Big mistake

I followed everyone else into the pool only to realise that they all had floats and water weight things which the teacher mentioned nothing about during the course of our oh so brief interlude so as the class was starting I had to get back out of the pool and retrieve various pieces of aqua equipment that I guessed that I needed from looking at everyone else, all while the class (full of old people – and me) watched on curiously as I dripped my way over to the equipment bins, looking resplendent in my form fitting non maternity, non supportive, 5 year old swimsuit that had lost it’s lycra many moons ago and perhaps due to years of chloronic abuse was now pretty see-through in all the wrong places. I rifled through the equipment bins attempting to extricate some weights that were left in the very bottom of the bin you know really leaning over looking like a deranged, plus sized burlesque performer only in a more revealing outfit. Seriously all I needed was a big feather and a giant martini glass and I could have
given Dita Von Teese a run for her nipple tassels!

But I digress, teacher offered absolutely no assistance during my unwitting burlesque routine, so I got what I thought were the lightest weights from the bin and shuffled back to the water, holding weights in strategic positions, on walking back to the pool I realised that those weights I had thought to be oh so light were in fact the heaviest ones but too embarrassed to return to rifling in the bin again I lugged them into the pool hoping the water would make them lighter.

After half an hour of the class I realised why there were so many of those weights left and none of the others! Seriously try doing a bicep curl with a weight under the water while treading water at the same time – it is really not easy.

After the class the teacher redeemed herself slightly by advising me loudly that next time I should take lighter weights and stand in the shallow end – no sh1t woman!!! I worked that out all on my own.

Given my aqua experience I am not sure I will be returning to that class, there is one with a different teacher so I may give that one a go instead but I am still making up my mind! Although I was shamed into purchasing a new swimsuit you will be glad to hear!

All of which brings me very belatedly onto what else I have been up to.

When the Bear was just a few weeks old back in the UK, I met a lovely lady called Katy who was setting up a business called which is an online virtual personal trainer especially for new mums. In addition to the virtual trainer Ready Steady Mums also ran (and are still running) a number of local exercise groups for new mums and I got involved with that Ready Steady Mums really helped to get me back into shape after the Bear was born and I even starting running one of the local groups myself – I was even interviewed about it.

Since I moved Down Under, Ready Steady Mums has expanded to now also offer excellent value pregnancy and post natal specific exercise DVDs.

Ready Steady Mums

I was sent their ‘Proper exercise in pregnancy’ DVD as a gift and have been religiously using that for the past few weeks in addition to my (on/off) gym/burlesque routine. I would really recommend this DVD if anyone is expecting as it is a great mix of yoga and Pilates as well as strength and tone exercises all lead by and endorsed by experts in the field. I love it because I can choose to do as little or as much as I want to depending on how much time (or energy) I have. It is great for all levels as well as there are options to make the basic exercises more challenging if you are so inclined.

Plus you can do it in the comfort and privacy of your own home so it doesn’t matter what you are wearing, if a feather headdress and see through swimsuit works for you then go for it!

In addition you can also sign up to the virtual personal trainer at . . .and the best bit?
It is free!
Absolutely free.

How good is that!

By the way, this is not a sponsored post, I haven’t been paid or asked to write about Ready Steady Mums, I have simply chosen to because I think that it is fab. (And just so we are absolutely clear, I wasn’t paid to write about my shameful burlesque aqua aerobics class either – if only, then at least the embarrassment could be tempered slightly by the act of buying some new shoes or something! )

My youtube claim to fame if anyone is interested. Lap it up because this is the closest you are going to get to me doing a videoblog!

Check out my ‘posh voice’ so my brother says. I am sure I don’t know what on earth he means, I always talk like that sweetie dahling. Mwah!


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8 thoughts on “Why Dita Von Teese has nothing on me!

  1. Rhian thank you so much, what a brilliant post! Now thinking we need to add some extra accessories into our Group Leaders setup packs right? I am so happy to hear you’re fit and happy, our ambassador in Oz ๐Ÿ™‚ x x

  2. Rita Azar on said:

    I like your video! It’s great to hear you! How rude is that aqua aerobics teacher…

    • Thanks Rita, it sounds so strange listening to myself, I don’t really talk like that (at least I don’t think I do!)
      The teacher could definitely do with some customer service training! X

  3. YOU ARE AWESOME and oh so posh – no I just said that cos your brother said so. Loved seeing and hearing you IRL – you spoke like a veteran! What a great post – not so great you were given the cold shoulder by the horrible aqua lady – BOO. xx

    • Why thank you Em *air kiss* *air kiss*. It really doesn’t sound like me I’m usually far more common! Think Cilla Black (do you know her over here?) with a touch of Mel C and you’re about there. :-).
      Definite Boo to Aqua teacher.

  4. Nice vlog Rhian! Not camera shy are you? ๐Ÿ™‚ loved the concept of Ready Steady Mums, checked out their site a few weeks back. Would love to do something like that. As for the water aerobics, I’m not a fan either…:) x

  5. Thanks Neets, I really enjoyed doing it even though I actually felt pretty embarrassed. I don’t think I would be a very good TV presenter, I find it too hard to look natural!
    I really love the concept of RSM too and I will be back on it once bub is born and it will be nice to exercise in the warm weather, when I did it in Uk it was pretty chilly most of the time – and thats in the UK summer! ๐Ÿ™‚ x

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