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Not quite the Alps

This weekend we were invited by muddy Melbourne friend (she is not always muddy by the way) to join  them and some friends for a day of fun and frolics in the snow.

Husb and I had talked about heading to Mount Buller before but as usual we didn’t get ourselves organised in time and it never materialised so we were glad to go and sample the snow that Victoria had to offer before it all melted and before the Bear and I head back to the UK next week.

(I know – next week! O TO THE M TO THE G) how did that come around so soon?

Anyway as we were only heading out for the day we went up to Lake Mountain Alpine Resort which is about 2 and a half hours outside of Melbourne, quite a bit closer than Mount Buller. That said it did feel quite long when we had barely reached the end of our road before the Bear starting asking to get out of the car!

We made it though, finally.

Lake Mountain Alpine ResortI am not really sure how I would describe Lake Mountain Resort. The only way I can think of would be to say that it is cute.

I know that we are coming out of the season now what with Spring starting next weekend, but I don’t know if one sledging hill constitutes a resort!

imageThat said though, it is a trail skiing resort rather than a downhill skiing resort so there are obviously no lifts and there was very little snow anywhere apart from on the one carnage filled slope that had snow making facilities on it. They did well to continue to get that much snow on it actually as the weather is really getting too warm now so fair play to them. I guess if we were to go in high season there would be a lot more trails open and despite how busy the slope was we had a fab time.

We hired the Bear some snow gear and upgraded to a deluxe sledge in Marysville before we headed up to the mountain and I’m glad we did as it meant husb could take the Bear on it. I don’t think I would have felt safe if he was on a sledge on his own (the Bear not husb) as there were some pretty kamikaze sledgers hurtling down the hill – and that was just the parents!





imageAs I say, it wasn’t quite what we were expecting but we had a great time nonetheless, and a hot chocolate when you’ve just come off the snow tastes amazing wherever you are in my book (shame I couldn’t get a little Baileys snifter in it too).


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2 thoughts on “Not quite the Alps

  1. Looks like lots of fun! I miss the snow in NZ where I grew up. Bet you’re excited about heading to the U of K for awhile 🙂

    • It was a good day just not quite what I was expecting! Is the skiing good in NZ? We are thinking of taking at trip out there at some point. I am so ridonkulously excited about going back, not so excited about the actual flight though with child and ‘with child’ eek!

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