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5 Reasons why I love where I live.

I am full of the joys of spring today and’ I’m fee-ee-lin good’ a la Buble. It is an absolutely beautiful day so I thought that I would make the most of it and instead of going into the air conditioned gym and being crotch garrotted by the spin bike I decided to do a spot of exercise al fresco. Starting with a brisk walk round the lake singing along to my favourite pumping tunes, with a spot of gentle circuit training in between and finishing off with decaf (obviously) coffee in my favouritist cafe in all of Melbourne.


As I was walking my mind took a little wander of its own and I started thinking about how lucky and blessed I am to be living in such a wonderful place.

The open spaces

I have so many amazing facilities so close to me, there are so many amazing open spaces where I can exercise looking like a loon if I want to and no one gives you a second glance because they are all doing the same (albeit looking slightly less loony than me).


The lifestyle

I love that it is such an outdoorsy way of life here, that running with a buggy is not frowned upon, that doing sit ups is actively encouraged with free machines and workout benches dotted around the many parks and open spaces, that wandering around the CBD in your workout gear seems to be the norm. Actually that walking around anywhere in Melbourne in your workout lycra is completely normal. I remember fast running friend telling me once not long after we had moved that she met her friend at playgroup and she was in the full workout getup, lycrad up to within an inch of her life complete with running half cap sun visor thing. Fast running friend asked if she’d just come from the gym – a logical assumption I would think, only to be met with a puzzled look from said Melbournite who said that, no she had just walked the 10 minute walk from her house to playgroup. But of course one has to get kitted out for a gentle walk and playgroup, you never know when you are going to suddenly need to do some lunging or something. Love it.

The people

I love the people, they are so laid back it is ridiculous, always happy to help. I accosted a lady who was running round the lake with a pram this morning to ask her about it as part of my pram research (it is very scientific), not only was she happy to stop and tell me, we then got chatting about all sorts of things before her baby started crying and she had to jog on again. And the two fab ladies who were more than happy to stop and take multiple pics of me in various directions with various backdrops even though I only asked for one.

Check out my backdrop

Check out my backdrop

Yes that is my iPod in my cleavage - the benefits of pregnancy. I can stuff allsorts down there now.

Yes that is my iPod in my cleavage – the benefits of pregnancy. I can stuff all sorts down there now.

I can’t help but compare, if I had done the same thing in London I would have been either completely ignored or rudely answered and dismissed as they didn’t break pace when running on past me like I was a thug trying to steal their Birkin bag. I know I shouldn’t compare as there are many places in the Uk that aren’t like that but with London being the last place I lived before moving that is my only frame of reference.

The coffee snobbery culture
Given that I know nothing about coffee at all and am currently regularly committing the cardinal sin of drinking decaf (shock), I love how serious Melbournites are about their coffee, so much so that the coffee shop round the corner from my house is now refusing to serve anyone who orders a skinny coffee or one with soy milk as that is not how it is supposed to be drunk and is ruining the essence (or something) of their freshly roasted and ground on the premises coffee. I love how Starbucks tried and failed in Melbourne and that the only people you will find in the one and only Starbucks in the CBD are foreign tourists.

Our improved family life

On a more personal note, I love that husbs work is 12 minutes walk away and that he doesn’t leave until the Bear gets up and is more often than not home in plenty of time for us all to eat dinner together. Our family life is so much better we actually get to spend quality time together be it going and exploring the great Victorian countryside or just staying home together and pottering about.
Before we moved, his commute was horrendous so after working a ridiculously long day he wouldn’t get home until really late meaning he didn’t see the Bear either in the morning or in the evening as he had to leave so early to try to shorten his commute to work. What kind of a life is that? I honestly don’t know how much longer he would have been able to keep that up. So I love that we got this unexpected opportunity to step out of all the London commotion.

I love that I got totally inspired this morning just taking in the essence of Melbourne. The hills are alive with the sound of sausage sizzles music! 

We are heading back to the UK for a few weeks next week and I wonder how I will find it when I get there, if I will realise that I missed it when I am actually there and how I will feel when we do return to Melbourne. Last time we flew from the UK I was heading into the unknown so this time it will be a whole different ball game. Obviously it goes without saying that I will be very sad to say goodbye to friends and family especially as I am pregnant, it will be hard without them, but the country, the UK, will I miss that? I just don’t know.

Do you love where you live? What do you love about it?


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12 thoughts on “5 Reasons why I love where I live.

  1. Kat on said:

    Couldn’t agree more with so much of that – and what a beautiful day it is too 🙂
    I love that meeting up with friends doesn’t just mean a night at the pub,
    – breakfast (another one of the things I love about Melbs), coffee, BBQs, picnics – anything goes. Really don’t miss the pub culture at all.
    I love that’s its still technically winter & it’s 22 degrees & sunny.
    I love that hubby can, and does, cycle to work – no more M6 traffic jams. I even cycled when i worked clise enough. Although there is now the problem of avoiding magpie attacks!
    And it goes without saying that I love the amazing friends that I’ve made out here xxx

  2. Great post Rhian. Born & bred in Melbs I have to agree with all of your points above. Perhaps I’m a little biased but I also did a 3 year stint in London which I absolutely loved but guess what brought me home? The weather 🙂

    • Thanks Neets, glad you agree and the weather definitely helps with the good mood.:-) whereabouts where you in London? Xx

      • I lived in West London, Ealing Broadway x

        • Ooh not too far from me we were South West London Clapham way. It will be weird going back and seeing what if anything has changed. (Apart from the cost of living going up of course!) x

        • I couldn’t believe the cost of living there & that was12 years ago! Oh I love Clapham, great memories (mostly drinking). Are you going over for a blogging event? Think I remember reading that 🙂

        • Yes one of the reasons is to go back for MAD Blog Awards ceremony on 20th. Very exciting!
          It has actually ended up being really good timing actually as I wouldn’t really have been able to travel any later.
          Glad I will be able to see family etc before bubs comes. X

        • Oh exciting. Good luck x

  3. Nothing greater than a pregnant belly to stuff things in! What an interesting read for a Kiwi-born, Gold Coaster! I have to say there isn’t the culture here, but ATM I don’t have time to soak it up anyhow! I spend a few years in NY and that is a place I’d love to go back again very soon xx

    • Oh New York! now there is somewhere I would absolutely love to live at least for a while. We went there a few years ago on jols and loved it.
      Glad you found it interesting, given that my experience of Oz is limited to Melbs it would be really interesting to see the difference living somewhere else, obviously there isn’t the surfy culture here. I would love to sample that (not that I can surf, but I can’t live in Oz and not learn!) x

  4. Rita Azar on said:

    You’re so right about the coffee culture in Melbourne and you look amazing with your baby bump!

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