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Dubai – Just passing through.

We have not arrived back in Melbourne just yet as we decided to break up the journey with a little stint in Dubai for a couple of days en route, so (at the risk of annoying everyone) I am currently writing this whilst simultaneously sunning myself at the beautiful Jumeira Beach Hotel – it’s a tough life but someones got to do it. (Don’t hit me!).

This place is totally amazing and not at all what I expected, to be honest I am not sure what I expected but it is Bling with a capital B. I can imagine that if you came here for more than a few days you could easily end up bankrupted before you go home, they do things on a grand scale here that’s for sure.

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Mixed feelings.

Tonight is our last night in the UK before we return to our life Down Under.

On the one hand I am looking forward to going home while on the other hand I feel unexplainably sad to be leaving.

During the short time we have been here in the UK I have witnessed how attached the Bear has become to his Nannies, Grandad, Aunties and Uncles as well as his cute little cousin and it makes me feel sad and very selfish to be snatching him away again.

We have been here for a month already and I really don’t know where the time has gone. It has flown by so quickly, it feels like we have only just got here and if I am honest I don’t feel quite ready to go home just yet.

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MAD Blog Awards – DONE

Well I didn’t win a MAD BLOG AWARD I’m afraid at least not in the category I was nominated in (most entertaining).
That accolade went to the very deserving and very funny Ben @ Goodbye pert breasts. Check him out.

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The perils of being a woman – Peril 3 Fake tan

Lets face it, there are so many variables with fake tan aren’t there. Us ladies for some reason seem to be unable to attend any event or in fact go anywhere that involves getting our legs out without first having some form of colour to disguise the fact that we have translucent veiny alien like skin.
Now don’t get me wrong, I know that there are some very brave and confident ladies who don’t give a fig about such stupidness and are more than happy to bare their white bits for the world to see.
To you ladies, I salute you.

I, however, am not of those brave band of woman who choose not to follow the crowd, who choose to step away from the mainstream norm. I am absolutely what is known as a sheep. I’ll be perfectly honest here, I like to be the same as everyone else, I don’t like to stand out, I like to blend in and be in the cool gang. Well I like to try anyway.

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Being a tourist in the Big Smoke.

I’ve been a bit lax on the ol bloggin front since being back in the UK as I’ve had lots going on, visiting and trying to acclimatise to the weather – damn it’s cold, its amazing how quickly you get used to Aussie weather.

Anyway as I am only back in the Uk for a short while, I met up with my two bessie mates and we did the tourist thing in London last weekend. Read more…

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