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1 more sleep

So this is it, only 1 more sleep to go until I am getting on a plane with the Bear and heading back to Blighty allbeit temporarily.

I am very excited about going back and seeing everyone but am seriously stressing out about being on a plane for 24 hours, just me, the Bear and a pregnant belly. I have prepared somewhat, someone mentioned that they wrapped up little cheapo gifts to open at will on the journey when their little one was getting loud/bored/naughty. So I have well and truly taken that advice on board! He’s going to think it’s Christmas! I’m also aware that I am possibly sending out the wrong message i.e. giving him a pressie when he is naughty. Oh well we’ll deal with that one when we are not 25,000ft in the air encased in a tube of metal!

Behold my bribes!

Behold my bribes!

Packing is still not done but I am getting there slowly but surely, slowly being the operative word.

It is going to be a busy old time when we get back to the UK getting round to see as many people as possible in the relatively short time we are there, so I apologise in advance if we don’t get to see you.

I also, of course have the small matter of the 2013 MAD Blog Awards ceremony to go to. For those who don’t know, I have been shortlisted as a finalist in the Most Entertaining Blog category, and am going to an all singing all dancing awards ceremony on 20th September when I will finally find out how I did . . .Eeek Wish me luck!
MAD Blog Awards

Right I have to go, lots more organising to do before I finally get to my bed.

See you soon . . .


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4 thoughts on “1 more sleep

  1. I just missed you – I got back from The Motherland last week. Have so much fun!!

  2. Aline on said:

    Hope the flight goes well. I am looking forward to see you.

  3. All the best for the MAD awards – how awesome!
    And great idea with the presents – bon voyage and I can’t wait to hear how it all goes 🙂 Safe and easy flight to you x

  4. How exciting that you are heading back home Rhian! I wish you a wonderful trip and enjoy each and every moment with your loved ones!
    Good luck for the awards ceremony!

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