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MAD Blog Awards – DONE

Well I didn’t win a MAD BLOG AWARD I’m afraid at least not in the category I was nominated in (most entertaining).
That accolade went to the very deserving and very funny Ben @ Goodbye pert breasts. Check him out.

I did win the award for the person that travelled the furthest to the awards.
Yeah yeah it might not be an ‘official’ award and I may have made it up but hey I will take anything I can get!

Anyway despite not winning anything official I had a really great time, got to dress up and have my makeup done

In my glad rags!

In my glad rags!

and I got the chance to meet
some really lovely people.

Check out their blogs if you get chance

Sarah @ working Berlin mum

Marylin @ soft thistle

Lucy @ capture by Lucy

Lovely ladies and great blogs too.

I will fill you in more when I have recovered enough to write properly.

Thanks to everyone that voted for me though I really really appreciate it. It means a lot that you took the time to vote for me. Out of 200,000 nominations and 3000 blogs I got down to the final 76 finalists so I don’t think I did too badly hey!


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25 thoughts on “MAD Blog Awards – DONE

  1. Ya done good kidder

  2. Congratulations anyway! You look fantastic and you were up against stiff and pert competition. hope you are having a fantastic time in Blighty and congrats again, Katie

  3. Well done gorgeous and you look FAB in your glad rags – LOVE THAT SAYING! To be 76th out of all of those, very impressive πŸ™‚ x

  4. You look fab! Sorry we didn’t get to meet, there’s always next year x

  5. Ah I know what you mean about the recovery period! And yes we are all very deserving – it was a lovely night x

  6. Sorry we didn’t get to natter – I fear I was distracted by the Ranj Rover as you said!
    You looked ruddy lovely – and I hope any hangover has passed now ( I *may* still have a mild one myself)

    • Yes it was a shame, but it was a great night, I really enjoyed myself. No hangover recovery for me but I did need recovery time from walking round in ridiculous heels with a baby bump, I have bunions on bunions now. Not a good look!
      Congratulations on your award again, you definitely deserved it. X

  7. It was a pleasure to meet you and you looked fabulous BTW

  8. What an amazing evening, you looked fab and I was delighted to say hello.

  9. Congratulations on your award, I made up the Surfing Queen award and set out to conquer it to ensure I didn’t go home empty handed. Oh and I may well have travelled the shortest distance but I haven’t got that confirmed yet. Hope it was well worth the journey! xx

  10. You look fabulous Rhian! Glad you had a good evening!

  11. It was so lovely to meet you! Sorry I had to dash off almost straight from dinner and didn’t get to say goodbye – I almost missed the last train! xxxx

    • Really great to meet you too Lucy, glad you caught your train and congrats again on the award. ( probs good you dashed off or I might have stolen it and claimed it as my own!) πŸ˜€

  12. How stunning do you look??? Glowing my dear. You should be so proud to have been a finalist out of 20,000 blogs! Amazeballs x

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