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Dubai – Just passing through.

We have not arrived back in Melbourne just yet as we decided to break up the journey with a little stint in Dubai for a couple of days en route, so (at the risk of annoying everyone) I am currently writing this whilst simultaneously sunning myself at the beautiful Jumeira Beach Hotel – it’s a tough life but someones got to do it. (Don’t hit me!).

This place is totally amazing and not at all what I expected, to be honest I am not sure what I expected but it is Bling with a capital B. I can imagine that if you came here for more than a few days you could easily end up bankrupted before you go home, they do things on a grand scale here that’s for sure.

The view from our hotel balcony is the 7* Burj Al Arab hotel
Burj Al Arab hotel - Dubai
It is a good view to look out on, but it is a little bit like showing you what you could have won, whilst ‘slumming it’ at our 5* hotel – or not . .

Our hotel

Jumeira Beach Hotel - Dubai

Our hotel has its own beach, marina, copious bars, swimming pools 20 restaurants, it is like it’s own little city.




You've simply got to surround yourself with giant decorative camels - it's totally d'rigour!

You’ve simply got to surround yourself with giant decorative camels – it’s totally d’rigour!



imageLast night husb, the Bear and I met up with husb’s friend from home who has moved out here and it was great to catch up – albeit very briefly for me as I was chasing after the Bear who despite having had barely any sleep seemed to have boundless energy, before finally admitting defeat and having to retire to our room leaving the boys to reminisce over a beer (or 20 judging by the state of husb on his return to the room). I blame the friend entirely – you know who you are!

I have been all over the place with my blogging since we have been away and I do have loads of stuff to post about our time in the UK. Once I get back I will get down to some good hard . . . . . .
blogging of course! (you dirty devils!)
So that you can catch up on our shenanigans if you are so inclined.

So the next time I post I will be back in Melbourne. Well it is the only way after all (see what I did there? –  soz the sun must be getting to me).

For now though I will say goodbye as I have some more sunbathing to do.
Actually I am getting a bit hot, I might get a mocktail.

*Runs away before people start throwing things*


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7 thoughts on “Dubai – Just passing through.

  1. Anna Spanna on said:

    Oh happy days!! I love the hotel you stayed at Rhe. The burj is defo worth a look inside if you ever return and there are countless other very BLING hotels you would love too. Safe journey home. Xxx

  2. Hope you’re having a brilliant holiday. We’ve stayed there once and it was amazing. So family friendly! The whole of Dubai is blingy isn’t it? 🙂

  3. Looks awesome. Bitch. haha. You enjoy a fantastic time lovely, consider it a “babymoon” … not long to go now! ox

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