Blogging from Down Under

Back Down Under

We’ve been back in Melbourne for a couple of days now and I didn’t bargain on how bad I would feel to be honest. The Bear is all over the place and doesn’t know whether he is coming or going bless him. His sleep patterns are shot after a combination of being shuttled here there and everywhere while we were in the UK, different beds, different houses, different hotels even different countries all in the space of one trip! Combine that with a pretty turbulent flight back meaning he only slept for a couple of hours and I can’t really blame him.

Whilst we had a great time while we were away it was the most hectic four weeks I think I have ever had. We covered some mileage while we were there up and down the country and visiting as many people as we could. We were pretty much always on the go, the time flew by so quickly and there were so many people we didn’t get chance to see so it wasn’t the most ‘relaxing’ of holidays.

I thought that breaking up the flight with our little Dubai stopover would make the flight and jet lag easier, but if anything it seems to have made it worse. Perhaps it is because I am pregnant but it seems to be a lot harder coming this way. (Maybe this is my commupence for bragging in my last blog post! – karma.)

The flight from Dubai was very long, even though we were already part of the way back when we boarded the flight, because it was a day flight it meant that the Bear was going to be wide awake for a good portion of the journey before we ‘thought’ he would go to sleep. Turns out he was awake for a good portion – much more in fact than we thought he would be.

It was hard – but there was a bright side. . .


I did get these bad boys out of it.
Pregnancy and airline issue pj’s are a good look on me, dontcha think?

Perhaps I could be Qantas’ next cover girl?!


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4 thoughts on “Back Down Under

  1. I;m glad you had a good trip back over here, hope everything settles down and you find your Oz routines soon though, it’s got to be tough on the sleeping 😦

    • Thanks Em, we have been back a week or so now and I am starting to find my feet again now. It is good to be back in a routine and getting back to normal. Sleeping seems to be getting back to norma, as well thankfully, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that way! 🙂

  2. Welcome back Rhian! When are you due to give birth?

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