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Back in the zone

We have been back for a week now and I am LOVING being back. After a week of getting over jet lag and not doing very much physical stuff and a month of being in the UK when I didn’t have time to think let alone exercise it is so good to be getting back into the swing of things again.

I am writing this sitting in the fresh air by the lake in my favourite spot having just completed my little exercise routine. Nothing too strenuous as I need to ease myself back in gently and don’t want to overdo it but just enough to get my heart pumping a bit, give my cheeks a rosy glow (that could also be due to the wind mind you – not my wind I should add, no the wind); and wake my underused little muscles up a bit.


I know I am writing this while high on feel good exercise pheromones but boy I do love how I feel after exercising.

It is great to get back to a sense of normalcy (if that’s a word ).


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10 thoughts on “Back in the zone

  1. Glad you’ve settled back in, after how hard it was to leave. Sunshine and exercise does work wonders, doesn’t it? You’re looking great, mama bear! Ooh, if your son is bear, what is baby #2 going to be??

    • Thanks A, it is good to be back and I am glad I have got back to normal sooner than I thought. You are right it was such a lovely day today that I couldn’t help but feel good. I need to start thinking on a nickname now don’t I, I don’t know what I am having so that makes it more of a challenge- maybe I will do a competition on the blog! ha ha 😀

  2. You’re looking great Rhian! It’s good to be back into our routine.

  3. OH YAY – that is so great to hear, especially when you were worried about your feelings upon you return!!! Love how the bump is getting bigger xx Welcome home lovely xx

    • Thanks Em, it is really good to be back and I am really glad that I feel positive about it after my little wobble in the UK. Bump is coming on nicely, my gym trousers are beginning to cut off my circulation now though- that can’t be good for baby! X

  4. Well aren’t you glowing?? You look beautiful. Glad to hear that you’re back in the swing of things. It feels great after a good workout doesn’t it? What’s your due date? xxx

  5. Thanks so much Neets, I must say I felt better yesterday than today, aching doesn’t cover it, I *may* have got a bit overexcited and overdone it a bit yesterday!
    Due 19 Dec so 10 weeks to go!

  6. You look fantastic! The only brisk exercise around a lake that I partake in, is chasing after my kids before they dive in. Or chasing a flat white. If only I could get the post-exercise endorphin rushing high without the actual exercise. Ahem.

  7. Thank you that is lovely of you to say, I feel pretty huge though at the moment. I love the idea of endorphins without exercise as well, it means I wouldn’t be aching for 3 days after my ‘gentle’ workout!
    Ahhh a flat white, I can’t wait until I can have a proper one of those again- decaf just doesn’t cut it.
    Thank you for stopping by :-).

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