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London – through the eyes of a toddler

Mummy Bear and Daddy Bear took me away on my holidays to go and see Nanny and Grandad and Nainy and my Aunties and Uncle and cousin and lots and lots of people.

I had a fab time – and did you know that Lightening McQueen is a really really fast car mummy?

While we were on our holidays we went to London and did loads of really really cool things.

We went to the Aquarium and saw all of the fishies and I saw a massive crocodile that goes snap, snap, snap

image and a stingray and loads of Starfish

imageand we had our picture taken under the water but I didn’t get wet!image

We also went on the London Eye and I took Harry’s green racing car with me it’s a Nerrari and goes really really fast.

London Eye

We could see the Queens house from the London Eye.

London EyeThe Queens house is called Buckingham Palace and the Queen was at home having a cup of tea, but she had to blow on it first so that it wasn’t too hot.

And I saw St Paul’s Cathedral, I was really looking forward to that because in my London book at home, I have read all about St Paul’s Cathedral.



and I wanted to listen to the bells chime like mummy does it, ding dong, ding dong, ding dong, ding dong. The little girl wasn’t having her lunch on the steps with her mummy though, like in my book, I was sad because I wanted to see the little girl having her lunch.


Houses of Parliament

Daddy Bear took me on a big red London Bus
London Bus
but it wasn’t as fast as Lightening McQueen because he is a racing car with a spoiler on, so he can go really really fast. The London Bus went fast too but it had no roof on because it was a special sightseeing bus.

We went to Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park and saw the swans in the lake in the Princess Diana memorial garden. There were lots of swans and ducks, I went over to say hello and give them a little stroke they all came over to me and mummy,
it was a bit scary so I hid behind my mummy for a little cuddle, it was ok though because they weren’t coming to get you, mummy told me.

When we were in the hotel I could see loads and loads of planes in the sky coming in to land, that was really cool because I went on a really really big Emirates plane, to come back to England, the Emirates plane doesn’t have a kangaroo on it though. I love planes. I have got a Qantas plane at home that has got a kangaroo on the back, the Emirates plane doesn’t have a kangaroo though. No, no kangaroo.

In London there are loads and loads of cars that go really really fast. When we crossed the road we had to wait for the green man and I had to hold mummy’s hand because the cars go really really fast and they might not see me and they might hit me and bang my head so I have to be really really careful on the roads.

I could see lots of trains too from my window. I was really excited because I got to go on the train – it wasn’t Thomas though and I couldn’t see the Fat Controller.


We went in lots of lifts as well but I didn’t press the button with the bell on because that’s naughty and I didn’t put the key into the button either.

I had a really brilliant time in London with mummy and daddy, they bought me a book that has all of the cool things that we did in it so that I don’t forget.
I was very tired at the end of it though.

Did you know that I was born in England but I live in Stralia now, and that Lightening McQueen is a racing car that goes really really fast?

Mummy is linking up with Grace today for FYBF, she is not usually very good at organising herself to do it on time, she says she is sorry and will try harder.


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14 thoughts on “London – through the eyes of a toddler

  1. I love how you’ve written this – so sweet! What an incredible experience for your son, you went on so many wonderful adventures with him. I bet he loved going on the London Eye and the big red bus! So lovely that he could visit his family on the other side of the world. We have that London book at home too! My son’s uncle sent it to him. What a good little boy you have for not pressing the button with the bell or putting the key into the button! So cute πŸ™‚

  2. πŸ™‚ Thank you Lizzie, we did have a great time but very tiring it was a long few days in London. He loved the London Eye and it was so cute to listen to him get so excited when we went on the bus, even some of the London commuters were smiling behind their newspapers.
    It is a great little book isn’t it, when we read it together now, he really understands it and can tell us that he has been there – it’s lovely. X

  3. WOW – it’s like my little girl has written this post. Love it. This age has such gorgeous expressions – what a beautiful way to see the world (though my memory of London is being packed in the tube and worried she was overheating her tiny 4mth old body) πŸ™‚ x

    • Thanks Pip! You are right it is so lovely to see stuff how they do with their innocence. It was like discovering it all over again even though we used to live there. X

  4. I would love to take my kids to London one day.

  5. Oh! So nice! What an adorable post and a lovely trip!

  6. So lovely to see you link up, Rhian!
    Looks like the trip to London was lovely! I’ve never been – dying to go! Hopefully soon but when the boys are OVER their Thomas the Tank Engine obsessions πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Grace. – glad I managed it this week.
      If you get the chance to go I would definitely recommend it, although with twins you might be best to wait until they are a bit older for your own sanity! πŸ™‚

  7. Oh, I got all emotional reading this post! My oldest daughter was born in London but we left when she was about 9 months old and we haven’t been back. We have 3 kids now, so I can’t see the trip happening in a hurry! I miss all those sights that were so much a part of my own life in London and would be such fun with a toddler. Glad you had a good trip anyway πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Lara, it is really good to see it all from a different viewpoint especially as you will know having lived there. I hope it brought back some good memories for you. X

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  9. Oh Rhi that is so sweet, and those photos up the Eye are lovely, I have a few of those myself, well before kids anyhow! I bet it’s hard being away from home and this was hard to write… HUGS xxx

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