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Parenting Fail

I am writing this while still reeling from the shock of what my child just said to me, repeatedly, while giggling his little head off as we headed up the stairs for his rest time.

Think of the worst swear word you can think of that begins with ‘F’ and then imagine how you would feel if that word came out of the mouth of your 2 and a half year old child . . . . . . . .

over and over again.

Where on earth did he even hear that word, I ask myself, I mean it is not as if I pepper my everyday conversation with a range of expletives.

“Good F’ing morning Bear how the hell did you sleep?” – Nope don’t remember ever saying that.

“What the F do you want for breakfast today?” – That one doesn’t ring any bells either.

“No more Peppa F’ing Pig Please” – Weelll I might have said that one . . . .

JOKING  of course I didn’t –  I F’ing love Peppa Pig!

Seriously though, my ears are bleeding from hearing my little cherub test that word out in his little repertoire.

Whichever way you look at it, even if he didn’t hear it from us, he must have heard it somewhere which means he has been exposed to it somehow.

Which means we let him be exposed to it somewhere, I don’t know where but the fact of the matter is he heard it and repeated it which means that we as parents have failed.

Monumentally failed.

Drastically failed.

Absolutely appallingly failed in our duty to protect him from the nasties of this world for as long as we possibly can.

It took all of my strength not to react when he said it, I tried to carry on as if nothing happened but inside I am crushed. I hope it wasn’t what he meant to say, I pray that I just misheard him (over and over again).

Maybe it was just a slip that sounded like you know what!

Feeling like the world’s crudiest parent right now.

Am I overreacting? Has anybody elses child done this? How did you deal with it? I need all the advice I can get as it would appear that I am the world’s crappiest mother. 



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17 thoughts on “Parenting Fail

  1. Oh dear, maybe it’s pregnancy hormone? I think you’re over reacting. I think the important thing is to not let him see you reacting so he doesn’t keep saying it. I remember my niece saying “What the F*$%” at the Christmas dinner table when she was about the same age. Except we burst out laughing. IT WAS SO CUTE!! (how’s that for worlds worst aunty?) so she kept saying it. He’s probably too young to understand “That’s a bad word.” I’d just ignore it and hope it doesn’t come out again, if it does, ignore it. He will stop. You can’t stop your kids from hearing stuff like that unfortunately. It in NO WAY reflects on your f’ing parenting. 🙂

    • Thanks A, I just feel totally rotten that he heard it at all – like we haven’t protected him properly or something.
      I didn’t react when he said it (apart from the sharp intake of breath) because I don’t want him to latch on like you say and then keep saying it but I am genuinely shocked by it.
      You are probably right, it probably is the hormones as well and thanks for telling me I am overreacting, it makes me feel better to know others have been in the same position.
      X :-/

      • It’s also entirely possible he was saying “truck” or “buck” or lots of other words that sound similar. I’m trying to remember what a friend of mine’s son was saying that sounded like that but wasn’t it….will let you know if I remember. Now if he’s going around at 6, 8, 12 years old saying it all the time, then there’s a problem. At 2.5 it’s innocent enough xo

  2. We were playing with Play Doh and I swear my 2 year old said “F’ing B__” Shocked, I asked what he said and he repeated it and I asked again and after a few more times, it started sounding like something else. I think it was a coincidence, but can’t be sure. My husband did tell me that I said “effing” (not actually f’ing) the other night when trying to get him to go to sleep for the 40th time. It just slips out sometimes and those little ones pick up everything. It’s ok, I bet it’s happened to 90% of parents!

    • Thanks Alicia, I think I did the same thing and asked him to repeat it, unfortunately it did sound like what I’d thought though. 😦
      Thanks for commenting, I guess I probably am overreacting but I think it was just the shock of it completely out of the blue.
      You are right they do pick up on everything, I need to be much more vigilant from now on.

  3. I was mortified when my youngest said it – she picked it up from older cousins and tried hard not to react. And then when she hit about 4 she would say ‘oh the f-ing ants’ and it was priceless, I tried not to laugh. She now knows what the bad words are and doesn’t say them – but it’s hard when you hear such vile words from the mouth of babes. My older boys haven’t said it yet, although Mr 2 has said “oh shit’ a lot but he has definitely got that from me, but I’m trying!!
    There is nothing you can do about it but my advice is not to overrate – but sounds like you’ve got that part nailed. And then when he says it again, just say, we don’t say that word, it’s not nice. Don’t feel bad though. And I had to laugh at how you’d like to use the word!! EM xx

    • Thanks Em.. You nailed it exactly, to hear that word out of the mouth of such an innocent was just such an unexpected shock. I think I will do what you say, play it cool and just try and tell him like I would do anything else.
      Thanks for your F’ing advice! (Oops maybe THAT’S were he got it from! ) 😉

  4. Elie on said:

    You did well, Bella said that word at about 18 months…I blamed public transport!!

  5. I came home from a blogging event once, having left my then 2.5 year old with my mum for the day and when I returned, he appeared to have gained the phrase For F?£@s sake into his vocabulary. Mum swears it wasn’t her but it wasn’t me either so who knows where he picked it up. They all do it lovely, I don’t think it means anything. Most important thing is not to react and hope it goes away… 😉

  6. Uncle Russ on said:

    Once I remember walking into the kitchen and saying “Buddy L” to mum because it said it on the bottom of one of my trucks and I thought it was funny..

    (btw he didnt hear it from me)

    • That’s not as bad though is it, I am sure it doesn’t say F on the bottom of any of his toys though. (If there is I will be having serious (swear) words with the manufacturer).

  7. My 5 year old said it a few times and I felt terrible as I am the only English speaker around him. Then I realised that he says fack which means 100% he didn’t hear it from me. I say it with a double oo cos I’m from oop North. phew. When he says sheet I am not so sure…

    • 🙂 hee I didn’t get a chance to check out the accent actually but thats a good tip because I’m a northerner too while husb is lets say – slightly better spoken! Although if it turns out he heard it from him he is obviously not that much better spoken!

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