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Striking another pose.

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while may remember that not long after we moved Down Under we were conned offered a ‘once in a lifetime chance’ to have a really expensive family photo shoot, it was a rather stressful affair that ended up with a loss of many things including a lot of money and pretty much all of my dignity. It goes without saying then that it was an experience that we certainly won’t be repeating with that company.

Australia’s next top model, I certainly am not.

You can read about the whole horrendous episode here and here.

Anyhoo, not to be put off by our experience we recently had some more photos taken while we were back in the UK so that we could capture the time before baby Bear number 2 arrives.

We chose a fabulous little company called APT Photography to take our photos. The company hasn’t been going for very long but has been set up by a friend of a friend and we wanted to support them in their new venture. Adam, the photographer is an ex plumber and has recently followed his dream and set up his own business. The experience that we had at our photo shoot at APT’s ‘pop up’ studio was a whole different experience to our previous one and, I must say – a whole lot nicer too.

It was relaxed and fun and Adam had a lovely way of getting the Bear to relax (and keep still long enough) so that we could get some really lovely photos that we are really happy with. (The seemingly endless supply of various size Lightening McQueen cars seemed to really hit the spot!)

Apt Photography

We have just received our CD of 140+ photos completely copyright free that we can now do whatever we like with. Although APT do offer an additional service of mounting, framing etc, the copyright free CD is absolutely ideal for us living here in Oz because it means we can take our CD anywhere and have them reprinted onto canvas or posters or whatever we want without having to incur the extra cost of having to get it done in the UK, coupled with the extra expense of sending them over here.

Hey I said that they were copyright free for us!!!

Hey I said that they were copyright free for us!!!

Apt Photography

The photo shoot was great value for money and I would highly recommend APT Photography for those of you in the UK who are looking to get a set of professional photographs done and don’t want to go bankrupt in the process of doing it.

APT also offer a number of other services such as very reasonably priced photography courses too, so if you are looking to brush up on your photography skills then this would be a great thing to do, or perhaps even buy it for a friend or loved one for Christmas. (If I was still in the UK I would have certainly taken this up given how appalling my photography skills are – if you saw my last post you will see the evidence).

All of the details that you need including photo shoot costs are on the website

You can also ‘like’ them on Facebook here.

I didn’t receive any form of compensation for writing this post. We paid the full price for our photo shoot just like any other customer and were more than happy to do so as it was such good value. APT haven’t asked me to write a review or mention them on my blog either and in fact until they read this they will have no idea that I have so –  SURPRISE!!!!

I was just really impressed with the quality of the photos, value for money and customer service and I would like to support them as they continue to grow as a business – which I am sure they will.


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8 thoughts on “Striking another pose.

  1. I think credit when credit is due lovely – great shots! And wow I think your hubby looks so similar to Matt Ross over at Dad Down Under, I had to look twice!! I’m sure you won’t agree, it was just my first impression 🙂 Hope you’re settling back into life in Oz x

    • Ha ha do you think so? I can’t say I have ever noticed!! You had to look twice, does that mean you thought I had stolen him to be my ‘photo shoot husband’???
      They were really great shots though, I’m very happy with them. It is so nice to be back in Oz now, I am well and truly settled back. just need the weather to sort itself out and all will be right with the world! X

  2. Ugh, as a wanna-be photographer it makes me angry that you had such a terrible experience with a company here in Oz, but I have to say I am not surprised. There ar more than a few companies out there who promise much, charge heaps and deliver very little. 😦 Glad you got your family pics done and hope you can find someone in Melb to do some lovely ones for you when bub #2 arrives. Or you can fly up to the GC and I’ll do them. My page is “Photography by Aroha” on FB. I’d stay well away from companies and stick to individuals!

    • Yes we have definitely learned our lesson! Individual service is always so much better. I’ve popped over and liked your FB page I hope it’s going well for you xx

  3. what an amazing shot of your little boy. Deffo one for the canvas/blown up massive for the hallway x

    • It’s lovely isn’t it. There are so many more great ones that it is hard to choose which ones we want to put on our wall. I might get a few smaller ones then I can have a few. X

  4. They are really lovely shots! I love the first photo with The bear looking up! I’m glad you had a good experience because these photos are memories for life.

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