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Where does a girl go?

Yesterday fast running friend organised a lovely baby shower for me, how nice is that.


We went to this rather gorgeous French inspired place called Where a girl goes over in Collingwood for morning tea.

Cristina Re MelbourneI am partial to a good High Tea and used to love going to all the posh places in London to indulge in their delicate finger sandwiches and sweet treats.
This is the first time I have done it since moving to Melbs and it was fab. u. lous. Dahhhling!

We indulged in all manner of cakey goodness in gorgeous opulent surroundings.


We had such a lovely time and it was great to catch up with my friends all at the same time.


Thank you so much fast running friend* for organising it, it was a really fab surprise.

And thanks so much to my lovely friends for coming and ‘showering’ (geddit) me with beautiful thoughtful gifts for the baby Bear. (I’m still working on an alternative name).
I am feeling very spoilt.

One particular ‘thoughtful’ gift that springs to mind is this one . . . .


Something tells me, this particular gift giver didn’t take my previous parental devastation entirely seriously!!!!! 😉

Apparently I am not supposed to read it to the Bear at bedtime – can’t think why!!!

*I do actually call fast running friend by her given name.
I don’t call her fast running friend in real life as that would be weird.

Now flight friend on the other hand that’s a different story!


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3 thoughts on “Where does a girl go?

  1. Lovely! How nice from your friends! You look amazing by the way! Did you cut your hair?

    • It was gorgeous Rita, I would highly recommend it. Thanks very much you are very kind, no hair cut I just put it up as it was so hot on Saturday and it goes all frizzy otherwise! X

  2. Wow! How much fun did that look. You really are at the tail end now. My waters broke the day of my baby shower with my first so everyone came into the hospital instead 🙂

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