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The race that stops a Nation

We have just arrived home after spending the most amazing day at the Melbourne Cup Carnival.

In Australia the Melbourne Cup is known as the ‘race that stops a nation’ and it is a huuuuge deal – especially in the state of Victoria.

We have lovely UK friends staying with us at the moment and as they are (huge) gamblers!* We thought what better way to help them lose all of their hard earned holiday spends than by blowing it on the nags! I must say husb did a stellar job of not just helping them lose their cash, but also did a pretty convincing job of depleting our baby fund as well.

Check us out in our racey glad rags! We look so happy before we lost all of our money don’t we?


We booked our tickets to the ‘Members Enclosure’. Being nearly 34 weeks pregnant, I am not quite as agile as I once was and the thought of not being able to sit down was almost too much to bear, so good old husb ensured that we had seats booked in the Grand Stand so that I could rest my weary bones at any and all given opportunities.

Lugging ‘the belly’ around is hard enough but doing it in heels, on the grass makes it all the harder. It feels like I am running a marathon every time I take a step, but for the good of the outfit, I put my best foot forward. It is a hard life for us ladies.

It was ace though as it meant I could send husb and pals off to place my bets and do my fetching and carrying. There is no better excuse for being lazy than being pregnant!

Just to clarify - it's not his!

Just to clarify – it’s not his!

We had such good seats too in the stand right at the finish line and in front of the winners enclosure so we got to see all of the racing action at pretty close quarters, it was a great atmosphere.

Melbourne Cup 2013

I really wasn’t sure what to expect having never done the races ‘posh stylee’ before so it was an education and I really enjoyed it. I am so glad that we were able to take our UK friends to experience something that is such a huge iconic Melbourne tradition together for the first time for them and also husb and I, so the timing was perfect.

Melbourne Cup




Back to the order of the day and the important question did we win? Well I alluded to it earlier, let’s just say we had a bit of a shocker.

Although it would seem that my scientific method of picking the names I liked the sound of worked a whole lot better than husbs new fangled ย ‘studying the form guide’ method, as I came away with a few winnings, husb on the other hand- not a dime!

Modest winnings, but winnings none the less!

Modest winnings, but winnings none the less!

And despite making the pilgrimage from Marlbs to Melbs, UK friends were also not to be rewarded.

Despite the distinct lack of winnings we had a great day – my feet are paying for it now though, I swear they are 2 sizes bigger than when I left the house this morning!



* You made the blog!!!! Be proud UK friends – be proud! ๐Ÿ™‚


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11 thoughts on “The race that stops a Nation

  1. Wow, Rhi-look at you! You look absolutely incredible. Looks like you all had so much fun. How divine was the weather? So divine that I had a splitting headache. So sorry we didn’t get to catch up. Soon, my dear, soon xxx (Ps what’s your secret for looking that good at 34 weeks? I’m 13 and look 36!!!)

    • Behave, you do not look 36 wks you looked amazing from the picture I saw of you Neets, you and your hubby make a very handsome couple. Thanks for the compliment though, I did really like my dress and it was comfortable which is the most important thing!
      We had a great day and the weather was brilliant.
      It was such a shame we didn’t get to meet, although it was a bit crowded wasn’t it.
      Glad you had a great day too apart from the sun headache.X

  2. you look amazing! bitch! ๐Ÿ˜‰ glad you had a great time. what a trooper you are, I’d have said no way jose to anything like that at 34 weeks pregnant! I wonder, were you the only sober person at Flemington!?

    • ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you I did feel like I had a gym ball shoved up my dress though! I think me and Neets were the only 2 sober ones. At one point some random drunken woman walked past with her friend and started going on about me having a bun in the oven (not to me to her friend VERY LOUDLY) and then lurched onto me and randomly stroked my tummy before wandering off again. That was a little unexpected!
      Had a great time though. X

  3. Yes I noticed those pumps, SO TALL! And wow you rock 34 weeks in that dress – gorgeous! Glad you had a fun day out – even if you were stone, cold sober ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks Em, I was pretty impressed that I managed pretty much all day in those shoes as well, they were surprisingly comfortable, before I finally admitted defeat after getting off the train on the way home and putting my foldable ballet flats on. Sweet relief.
      It was quite fun being sober and seeing all the drunkenness, at one point some woman was doing chin ups on the train in a VERY short dress to impress a random man she just met. I was struggling not to look but she was showing her turquoise knickers to the whole train carriage.
      How very uncouth! ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  4. You all looked fabulous! But, you were gorgeous! Wow!
    I am such a bad, bad Melbournian… Never went to the Melbourne Cup, never went to a Football game!
    But I watched the race on TV yesterday and made a bet… And, lost!

    • Thank you Rita, it was really nice to get dressed up, and I really enjoyed myself. This was our first time at the Cup and as we had friends over we thought it would be a really good thing to do, I am not sure we will be able to go again after the baby is born so I wanted to make sure that we did it.
      I haven’t been to the football though and although I would never say never as it holds no interest for me at all I am not sure that I will be going either.
      Are you into the tennis? You could go to the Australian Open in Jan, that would ramp up the Melbourne points!
      I made a good few bets and lost much more than I won, husb didn’t win a single thing either! ๐Ÿ™‚

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