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The story of how we nearly bought a house

Our suburb in Melbourne almost always has an auction on for houses selling in the streets surrounding us.

Selling houses via auction seems to be really popular in Australia and it seems like pretty much 99% of the houses here are sold that way. It is quite different to how it is done in the UK, although there is the odd auction (usually for the huge mansions), the vast majority are sold by simply putting in an offer with the agent and seeing if they accept.

This weekend, as there was yet another auction happening just round the corner from us, we thought we would go for a bit of a nosy to see how it worked and get an idea of how much the houses were going for in our area.

We popped along and hung out in the crowd, waiting for the auction to begin.

After the agent had done his spiel about how great the area was, how fab and big the house was, great opportunity yada yada – it was down to business.

It was a pretty slow start and for a while it looked like nothing was going to happen at all, but then suddenly we were off!

First bidder looked like he’d got it in the bag until in jumped another at the 3rd call,
then another,
then another, each going up in $10,000 increments.
It all got very exciting until it looked like the top bidder had it, it went quiet,
the agent took the first call,
Not a sound
Second call
You could hear a penny drop

Until, until . . . .
There was a scuffle, people turned to see.

Was someone else bidding?

Out of the expectant silence – a lone voice could be heard, loud and clear, piercing the silence and causing a ripple of excitement from the crowds and the low hum of anticipation to ring through the air.

“Me mummy”

Out from the crowds stepped the Bear with his little hand raised.


In what seemed like slow motion Husb rugby tackled him to the floor, I said much more calmly than I was feeling,

“No no, no bids here”

The crowd returned to the task at hand as husb wrestled with the Bear in the background, attempting to muffle his attempts at bidding.

Until finally
Last call
All in
Going . . . .
Going . . . .

Sold for $875,000

Today we nearly became inadvertent Australian home owners, today was nearly a very expensive day!

Don’t think we’ve got off on quite the right foot with the new neighbours either, having dramatically increased the price she paid.



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7 thoughts on “The story of how we nearly bought a house

  1. Oh my goodness that is so funny – auctions are also not a good place to have an itchy nose!

  2. Oh that is hilarious! Go Bear! We got our house in a similar way. Well kind of. We were there to bid, however I was instructed to keep my mouth shut. As if. The house was almost sold & I shouted out a figure at the top of my lungs a figure that knocked everyone out. Ha ha

    • I wouldn’t be able to keep quiet either, that’s why I would need to stay at a safe distance to avoid us spiralling into debt, I do tend to buy on a whim!

  3. Hahaha! So funny Rhian! There are no auction in Canada either for selling a house and I’m always highly intrigued by this system.
    Your story reminded me of the last auction we went too. The lady who ended up buying the property went quiet while other people were bidding. Then, the agent asked her if she wanted to put another bid and she said “no” but her son said: “Mum, the right answer is yes! You need to say yes!” And, she did say yes and bought the property!

  4. Ha ha so I guess sometimes the children can be a help rather than a hindrance then!

  5. Love it. They say to never work with kids or animals – I guess that extends to auctioneering too!

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