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Three strikes . . .

Husb and I like to think that we are rather hip happening types of people.
We like to take time out to chillax, roll with punches, hang, and I think that if we were put into a room with the teenagers and yoof of today that we could more than hold our own, know what I mean bruv?
Fo shizzle. Etc

In my head I am still a young exuberant, thin (without doing anything at all to be so) 18 year old and I like to think I haven’t changed that much since my not really ever that hedonistic younger days.

Unfortunately, however, this is all wishful thinking rather than based in actual reality.

I was forced to face this unfortunate reality a couple of weeks ago when husb and I were getting everything sorted and ready for the imminent arrival of our aforementioned hard gambling UK friends. Getting the house up to scratch and sparkling clean so that it looks like we actually live like that all the time rather than the slovenly mess we usually live in.
It is a good job they only stayed for four days as I don’t think we would have been able to keep up the façade much longer than that!

But anyway back to my story. I had been diligently keeping an eye on the weather all week and was absolutely delighted when I awoke on the Saturday morning to a beautiful sunny breezy day – absolutely ideal.

What for?
A day at the beach – No
A walk along the Yarra River -No
A picnic in the park- No

No, none of the above, my delight was because this day was a fabulous ‘drying day’.

You know,
drying day
get all our washing done and on the line and it’ll be dry in no time.

Clothes drying

They are quite literally the. best. days. ever.

I was so happy that the weather Gods were smiling down on me that instead of saying Good Morning to husb, the first thing I mentioned was what a great day I thought it was for drying!
And you know what! Husb was just as impressed as me.

“I know babe” he excitedly responded,
“I’ve already put a load in and there’s a few more loads to be sorted as well”.
“Its gonna be a good day isnt it”

And with that he was off to peg out the first load.

Strike One!

Husb and I have these sorts of conversations a lot. One of husbs specials is the kettle. Ever since we have been in Oz he has been beyond excited about our kettle.
What on earth do I mean?
Well specifically that the water here is so good that he is constantly amazed and astounded that there is no limescale build up. In fact so happy is he about this that he is not beyond pointing it out to literally anyone and everyone who will listen.

Mum and sister got the speech and demonstration earlier in the year and while hard gambling UK friends were here a couple of weeks ago he again excitedly gave them a tour of the limescaless kettle too. Bless them, they did a good job of looking interested but we both know they were internally thanking their lucky stars that they only had the pleasure of our scintillating conversation for four days!

What are we turning into?
Our parents – that’s what.

Strike Two!

The signs have been there for a while if I am entirely honest and apart from the unexplainable inane excitement at kitchen appliances and doing the laundry, other signs that we might be getting old before our time include and are not limited to:-

  • Constantly forgetting the name of my own child and calling him by his little friends name instead. Poor boy doesn’t know what his name is.
  • Referring to my husb as babe all the time mainly because I can’t remember his name either. So much so that the Bear has been known to call husb ‘babe’ on occasion. (Along with the F word that I also can’t seem to get him to shake).
  • Discovering a new love of the National Geographic and Discovery Channels. Seriously who wants to watch all that MTV, reality crap that passes for TV these days when I can watch informative docos about coastal erosion instead?                                    Yep seriously.

I also got ridiculously excited about my new mop the other day. Not since we purchased our steam cleaner have I been in such raptures about a new piece of domestic equipment. This new mop is revolutionary, no longer do I need to break my back when scrubbing the wooden floors in our house (not that I ever did but the thought of it gives me backache!) I have been extolling that mops virtues ever since I gave it it’s maiden voyage around the house and put it back in the cupboard where it has remained since.

Husb doesn’t have quite the same enthusiasm for the mop as me but that’s only because he doesn’t have the time to think about it as he is marvelling at our kettle.

And there goes Strike Three!

So what are your signs that you are getting old?
Do you get as excited about drying day as we do in our household?
Do you forget your partners/childs name?

And most important of all – Just how clean is your kettle?

Spill it. . . .

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19 thoughts on “Three strikes . . .

  1. HAHA! It’s TRUE. How very sad. I feel sad for myself now. I, too, love drying day. Definitely not over-rated! Love your blog—good to “meet” a fellow Melbourne lass blogging her way through the washing! Kx

  2. LOL! Yep that’s us – depressing isn’t it. My new steam mop was purchased a couple of months ago and still sits wrapped in the garage. I will get to it but the 6 kids (can’t remember their names either so I often refer to them as numbers as well), well, they just get in the way!
    As for the lime scale, you have just reminded me we need to clean our kettle too, and the shower…

    • Seriously Jody get that steam mop out it will revolutionise your life! With 6 kids I totally understand why you can’t remember their names – I only have one so I don’t really have the excuse! 🙂

  3. I wish I got excited about domestic appliances. Ours are older than we are! I do get excited however about taking the kids to the local shopping mall & letting them run wild until they are so exhausted, they crash and burn as soon as they get home. A far cry from when I used to hang out with my boyfriend at the shopping mall when I was 16. I also know that I am getting old as I purchased a family bloody circle magazine the other day for cool recipes. I hate to cook by the way!

    • Ha the fact that you said ‘Family Circle’ and ‘cool’ in the same sentence says it all really. Don’t try and fight it Neets it happens to us all! 🙂

  4. Yes I too get excited by dry washing day or rather put off when it it not a good dry washing day!

  5. Oh how true this is!!!! And the husband and I think we are go-getters also but I’m sure we’re so not. I love good drying weather, my hubby loves it because it means he can get the lawns/weed eating done! I always get my 3 kid’s name mixed up! And yes our jug is SPOTLESS x

  6. Haha Rhian! Seriously I recognized myself so much in this post: I absolutely love dry weather and my steam mop always gets me very excited even though I had it for years now! As for the kettle, I cleaned mine last week and it’s now sparkling; I couldn’t stop telling my husband how happy I was about that!

    • Brilliant – the beauty of our kettle though Rita is that we don’t need to clean it as it is so spotless all the time – hence why Husb is so excited. 🙂
      The steam mop is a whole different story!

  7. Truer words have never been spoken!

  8. Love this post and you are not alone. I don’t get excited about drying days as in the UK They are few and far between but I do get excited if I’ve had the foresight to whack some vegetables in the slow cooker and the other day I blitzed the oven (which hasn’t been cleaned properly in the 4 years since we’ve lived here) with bicarb and vinegar and it came up sparklingly clean. It was fab!!!!

  9. Love this post and you are not alone. I don’t get excited about drying days as in the UK They are few and far between but I do get excited if I’ve had the foresight to whack some vegetables in the slow cooker and the other day I blitzed the oven (which hasn’t been cleaned properly in the 4 years since we’ve lived here) with bicarb and vinegar and it came up sparklingly clean. It was fab!!!!

  10. I have no idea what you mean. Can’t relate to any of it.

    Hardly…I have been banging on about our vacuum for weeks. I feel so accomplished to have used a fancy brand name.

    And the other day, I spent an obscene amount of time sniffing the freshly laundered sheets on the bed, while fighting the rising disappointment that, soon, they would be less fresh and slept in.

    I am so my mother it is not even funny.

    • Oh I have a love/hate relationship with clean bed linen as well. It is so upsetting that all our hard work disappears in just a few hours. I don’t know why I bother . . . and there I go again turning into my mum!

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