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2013 – More new beginnings.

Well well well, 2013 is nearly over, how did that blimmin happen!

I can’t believe how quickly it seems to have flown by yet again, just like 2012!

Last year I linked up with the lovely Grace for my review of the year and check me out – I am only doing it again!

I called 2012 my year of big changes and while I am definitely more settled having spent the year living in one Hemisphere, 2013 has certainly had some changes all of its own.
So without further ado-here comes my review – ha that rhymes (I am wasted here!)

So to January and February, this was our first Summer Down Under and boy was it hot. Not that I am complaining, it was so nice to wear shorts every single day. To you Aussies that may sound very odd, but to us Brits, there is nothing sweeter. Summer in the Uk usually lasts about a week and the thermostat gets to the heady heights of 21 degrees. Nowadays, that would have me rugged up and shivering in the ‘cold’ but in the Uk I would be sunning myself in the garden in my bikini – oh how things have changed!
We had a busy summer with many many family visits, the first of which being that of mum, sis and gorgebag nephew.

We had a great time with them and it was really lovely to be able to show them round our ‘hood’ so they could see for themselves the awesome life that we were building for ourselves.
We did a lot of the touristy stuff, Great Ocean Road, Melbourne Tram Car – and you know me – there is always a story!

Sis, mum and gorgebag nephew left and it was a short hiatus before the in-laws arrived for their jaunt with us in March.
It was still ridonkulously hot so plans had to be changed somewhat, they are keen walkers but the heat was too much to do anything so we took it nice and easy, enjoying relaxing days by the lake, sausage sizzles and the like.

March also saw us take a few more trips, we headed over to the Grampians and to Sydney for the weekend, in an attempt to see a bit more of this beautiful country.
We also went to the Grand Prix family day where the Bear got to get up close and personal with Lightening McQueen and Mack. At that point he couldn’t have been less interested, now his hand is surgically attached to his Lightening McQueen – I just hope that they are there again at the 2014 Grand Prix otherwise, I will be in trouble.
We celebrated the Bears 2nd birthday and I made the most a may zing cake to celebrate. The Bear was like a little celebrity opening his presents, as in addition to having his nanny and Granddad there with him, there were also another grandparent and some great grandparents and great Aunties following him around the room on the iPads.

Another month, another relly visit. April brought over my bro who seemed to do more in the short time he was with us than we had managed to do in the 9 months we had been living there. imageWho needs to go to Sydney for the weekend when you can go for a day, 1st flight in, last flight out and he still managed to see more sights than we did! Great Ocean Road 3 week road trip completed in 3 days – I was knackered just thinking about it.

Surprisingly to coincide with the not so great weather we didn’t have any more visitors for a good while. Can’t think why that would be?! Far be it from me to say anything about fairweather family! 😉
After the influx of rellys May was a quiet month of chilling out.

June, we headed out to Fiji for our holidays, the first time that we had been on a holiday outside of Australia since we moved. It was absolutely amazing and certainly lived up to expectations. I managed to garner a good few blog posts out of it too ( for posterity purposes of course and nothing to do with making my Uk readers jealous!).

July and August, were pretty quiet ones for us. I headed back up to Sydney for the weekend to stay with my lovely NZ friend and together with took on our own version of the Home and Away tour. Home and AwayIt was everything I dreamed it would be and honestly now that I have done that, I am happy, and if we were to head home then I would be content in the knowledge that I have done what I wanted to since moving. Summer BayYou can keep your Great Barrier Reefs, your Uluru’s and your Kimberley’s – I’ve seen Summer Bay. I’m a happy girl!!!!
August was also the month that we announced our baby news too, a little addition would be joining us at the end of the year.

We headed back to the Uk for a month in September while I was still able to fly. I attended the MAD Blog Awards in a swanky hotel in London and we galavanted around the country trying to see as many people as we could while we were there. Although we had a great time in the Uk and it was great to show the Bear our old stomping ground, it was really good to get back and settle into our lives Down Under again. It was great to see the family and we miss them lots but we were glad to head back too. I did wonder how I would feel about coming back to Oz having been back in the UK, but I really needn’t have worried, we settled back in to life here really quickly.

October was spent mainly getting over jet lag and trying to get the Bear back into some sort of routine, it was tough going back to multiple wakings in the night again, but I suppose it was all good practice for number 2!

We had some more visitors in November which was lovely, at the start we had Uk hard gambling friends for a few days who we took to the Melbourne Cup and husb whizzed them down the Great Ocean Road for the day. imageIt was lovely to spend time with them properly, we saw them very briefly whilst in the UK but before that was at their wedding in Italy before I had even moved Down Under.
We were pretty jealous of their holiday itinerary actually and are going to attempt to emulate some of their trip next year, hopefully heading to Port Douglas and the Whitsunday’s – finances and multiple children allowing!
At the end of November my university friend came and stayed with us for a few days too. At this point I was nearly 37 weeks pregnant so I was pretty limited in what I was able to do, but we still managed to have a lovely relaxing time just pottering about basking in the sunshine and showing her my little life here.

And so to December – December was a waiting game, as I originally wrote this bub was still well and truly comfortable in my uterus and I did wonder whether I would have any news to report before the new year.


image Thankfully, the day after this picture was taken out popped our brand new beautiful little girl just in time for Christmas.

Christmas this year was always going to be a quiet one. Christmas Day spent in Melbs and New Year too unlike last year when we headed over to the Sunshine Coast.

But that’s ok, I’m cool with that. I am happy to just get to know our new baby and get used to the new family dynamic.

We are not really sure at the moment what 2014 will bring, we don’t know if we are still going to be Down Under or if we will be back in the UK, that is all still to be sorted out. I really hope that we do get to stay longer because in some ways I feel like we have only just got here and there is just so much that we still want to do.

Australia I am not finished with you yet!

Here’s to 2014. (Finally I can drink again).


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8 thoughts on “2013 – More new beginnings.

  1. Anna on said:

    And it was a lovely few days Rhian. Thank you again for a wonderful time. Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Keep the blogs coming. Xxx

  2. Great year for you & your family Rhian, very busy start to finish & to end with the best Christmas present ever was just the icing on the cake! It was lovely to see you in September & spend a couple of hours chatting in the typical little English tea rooms!! Glad 2013 was a good year & hoping that 2014 is even better for you & yours!!! Lots of love xxxx

  3. Wow what an awesome year you’ve had. Cant believe how many relos you had visiting earlier in the year & I didn’t realise how much you loved Home & Away! You should have tried to be an extra in it somehow. Lol. Hope you’re getting some rest lovely xxx

  4. This last picture Rhian is beautiful! You had a great year and I’m so glad I virtually met you through blogging! Either way if you stay in Oz or go back to the UK I hope you’ll continue writing and blogging. I really enjoy reading you.

  5. Congratulations!! What a great way to end a year xxx

  6. What a year! You can’t go home yet, seems like you only just got here! 🙂

  7. Sunny Coast is awesome! I might be bias though as I live here!

    What a busy and packed year you had! I hope the new one is just as kind!

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