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Parenting can be really shit!
That’s it.
No witty comment to follow.
Just the plain simple fact of the matter that this parenting gig can actually be a crock.

I am not saying anything anyone doesn’t know when I say that it is bloody hard work.
It is bloody hard work when you are close to extended family who can help you out. It is even harder when it is just you with no one else for thousands of miles.
It can be pretty shit.

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From Fat to Fit – Week 5 (21.01.14)

This week I managed to fit in quite a lot of exercise which I felt good for doing but it did tire me out a bit more than I thought it would.
I am going to listen to my body and if I feel it is too much then I will pull back a little. I don’t want to do too much too soon as that will only set me back. My aim is to make consistent gains even if they are very small ones rather than go at it hammer and tongs and whack myself out completely.

My ‘Mummy Motivator’ workouts this week

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The one about my labour!

I wanted to write my labour story  while it was still fresh in my mind. I did actually jot down some pretty incomprehensible notes the very night I had given birth at about 3am in the morning with a sleeping newborn next to my hospital bed and adrenalin still coursing through my body from what I had just experienced, but having read them back they are a pretty big jumble of incoherent words that wouldn’t make a lot of sense to anyone but me so rather than posting that and letting you decipher it I thought I would wait a bit and attempt to write something that makes a little more sense. (Hopefully – I am of course very sleep deprived!)

Now I know that it is always said that second labours are generally quicker than first and giving birth to the Bear was pretty quick in first timer terms but even I was a little taken aback by the speed at which our newest family member shot into the world.

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From Fat to Fit – The story so far

I’ve put my return to fitness plans out there so I thought I would give a quick rundown of where I started from so that I can then blog about my progress in real time.

57.5kg = Pregnancy starting weight

70.9kg = Day before I gave birth image

2 days postpartum

2 days postpartum

13.4kg = Pregnancy weight gain.


1 week 24.12.13                    2 weeks 31.12.13.      4 weeks 14.01.14
Weight    66.3kg.                                65.6kg.                         64.5kg

Waist.                                                  34 1/2″.                        34.3″

Hips                                                     41″                               41.1″

Thigh.                                                                                       18″

So that is where I am at the moment.

I am going to log my stats more regularly now so that I don’t have any missing bits.  I am also going to attempt to put my measurements in a graph (which husb will do for me because I don’t know how to do it!) so that I can more easily see my progress.

Up to the 4 week point I haven’t done any ‘real’ exercise as such because my body is still recovering but I have been getting out and about and active. I am listening to my body first and foremost and doing what I feel I can cope with and not pushing myself too much.

Week 4 – w/c 13.01.14

1. Walking and incidental exercise running around after the Bear. Walking to DayCare pushing a pram (when it hasn’t been too hot to go outside). 15 mins to and from.

2. Gentle 5K walk around the lake at Albert Park with the Bear while husb ran round. (This was actually Saturday 11.01.14 but for ease my week is going to be starting on a Monday from now on.)

3. Monday 13.01.14 I was thwarted a bit by the heatwave so my original plan of walking around the lake again while the Bear was in crèche was abandoned in favour of some leg, thigh and bum toners in the bbq picnic area under the shade.

Wide leg squats and stationary front lunges while holding baby Bear as she wouldn’t settle to sleep. So a good weight to increase resistance.

I was doing weighted squats and lunges through my pregnancy until the week before I gave birth so I felt that was ok for me. The squats can of course be done without a weight.

1 set 5 squats

1 set alternate lunges both legs (10 each leg- 20 in total)

walk round picnic area giving legs a shake to loosen

Repeat X 3

 It took about 20 mins as I was short on time too.

4. Thursday 16.01.14 Very gentle and slow walk around the park with the pram and the Bear. It was boiling so there were frequent stops and it was very slow BUT we went out and did something!

5. Saturday 18.01.14

image Finally the heatwave broke so we made the most of it by going for a family walk along the beach, and took part in #familyactiveday at the same time. 2 birds – 1 stone!

So now you are up to date on my story so far!

From fat to fit – The beginning

Don’t worry, I am not turning into a fitness blog, I am in no way qualified to be dishing out advice, but, having given birth to my second child exactly 1 month ago today, my aim is to get back to my pre-pregnancy shape and better.

I guess the title of this series of posts is a bit misleading because I don’t consider myself ‘fat’ and I am not in any extreme hurry to ping back into shape unhealthily, but I am planning to use my blog as a tool to hold myself accountable as I work my way back to full strength and fitness.

During my first pregnancy with the Bear I didn’t really monitor myself. I know I was a bit heavier than when I started out this time but I honestly can’t say what weight I was when I first got pregnant with the Bear and therefore how much weight I put on while I was pregnant the first time.

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