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You know what it is like when you have had a baby.

Everyone is keen to know your birth story, how long was it, did it hurt? Did you have pain relief?

And for those who haven’t given birth what do the contractions and labour feel like?

All relevant and totally normal questions right?

Well yes, I agree.

But it has led me to ponder the question of just how much detail do you give.

How much information before it becomes too much, I wonder.

I ask the question because the other day I found myself sharing my birth story with a lady I know. We don’t know each other particularly well, I had met her maybe a couple of times at the time I was telling the story. It was her who asked me about it though, I must add, I don’t make a habit of launching into my birth story to every unsuspecting person who asks how I am doing.

Don’t get me wrong, she was very interested, but on reflection I fear I *might* have been guilty of over sharing.

Like hugely over sharing.

You know, the sort of thing that you would share with your close girlfriends as just part of normal conversation but perhaps a conversation not quite so suited to a civilised drinks party with a woman you hardly know.

It is hard to know just how much detail to share but as we were chatting I found myself talking about length of labour, description of pain.

So far so good.

But then suddenly I was mouthing off about stitches, how many, location, bleeding, how much.

Bowel movements how often, how soon after birth , consistency!

Ok ok not consistency, even I have some sort of filter, although it is clearly more of colander with a hole in it than a nice fine sieve, letting through only the finer details.

Seriously, I was unstoppable, on and on I gabbled delving into more and more detailed information. I am going to put it down to severe sleep deprivation, but between you and me I think even if I wasn’t knackered I would have probably said pretty much the same thing.

I don’t know it seems like when talking about pregnancy and child birth anything goes, people love to hear all the gory details don’t they?

Or is that just me?

So, back to my original question.

Just how much is too much information?


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10 thoughts on “T.M.I?

  1. SOOOOOO Not alone!! I think because I am a little desensitized to the happenings of birth none of it seems too much to me and I forget that other people are not that comfortable or used to everything that goes on and don’t really want to know how much poop was scooped with the fishnet from the birth pool as the baby came down the birth canal – even if it was 18ct gold!
    You are not alone in oversharing. Feel free to overshare with me anytime haha

  2. I LOVE birth stories. Every single gory detail. I seek out over sharers. I got stitched up for a good hour. I would tell that to anyone who would listen.

  3. I seem to go a little over the board, especially since having my third, I will hold nothing back, stitches, pooing afterwards, sitting, the ring of fire, I let it ALL out. I hope you’re all doing well xx

    • Excellent that’s what I like to hear! Everyone loves a birth story no matter how gory! Doing well thanks apart from the tiredness obviously. Bit difficult at the mo to keep up with my blog reading can barely find time to do my own. Sorry! I will be back. Hope you had a great New Year x

  4. I found it so therapeutic to tell my birth story over and over and I suddenly became hooked to one born every minute, I could get enough! I think there’s no such thing as too much info when it comes to birth stories. As long as you didn’t offer to show her your stitches i reckon you’re ok 😉

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