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From fat to fit – The beginning

Don’t worry, I am not turning into a fitness blog, I am in no way qualified to be dishing out advice, but, having given birth to my second child exactly 1 month ago today, my aim is to get back to my pre-pregnancy shape and better.

I guess the title of this series of posts is a bit misleading because I don’t consider myself ‘fat’ and I am not in any extreme hurry to ping back into shape unhealthily, but I am planning to use my blog as a tool to hold myself accountable as I work my way back to full strength and fitness.

During my first pregnancy with the Bear I didn’t really monitor myself. I know I was a bit heavier than when I started out this time but I honestly can’t say what weight I was when I first got pregnant with the Bear and therefore how much weight I put on while I was pregnant the first time.

I also didn’t take measurements or properly document my pictures of my pregnancy so I have a random selection of belly pictures but don’t actually know how far along I was at any one time – clever eh!

My first pregnancy at about 12 weeks, no wait it was definitely 20 weeks, no hang on I think it was 38!

My first pregnancy at about 12 weeks, no wait it was definitely 20 weeks, no hang on I think it was 38!

After I gave birth, I didn’t really start any form of exercise until about 4 months postpartum , nor did I document any of my measurements to see the change as my body went back to its pre pregnancy shape it just didn’t occur to me to do it.

It was difficult to celebrate my successes of getting back into my jeans or losing weight because I didn’t really have a starting point to work from. This time I am determined to be better prepared.

For me (and I am not saying it is for everyone) this is what I need to keep me going. I like to know, where I was, where I am at that particular moment and have a clear goal of where I want to be.
Did someone say control freak? Yep that’ll be me then.

I am planning on sharing my experiences (good and bad) because I think that documenting my progress and blogging about it will help to keep me motivated and track how I am doing and perhaps give you some ideas too.

I will, (newborn,toddler and husb allowing) be posting my results and workouts on a regular basis.

I have mentioned already that I used to help me to get back to fitness after the birth of the Bear and I will be doing the same again this time. Why change a formula that works I say!

I’m also hoping to get back into parkrun again once my doctor has given me the ok.

And I am taking part in the lovely Neets at FitMotherHubbard family active day challenge which you can read about here to make sure I am building some incidental exercise into my life too.

BOOM! published – no going back now!

**I do have to say though, that I am not a qualified personal trainer so all I will be doing is letting you know what I do and perhaps give you some ideas or inspiration, nothing more. If you choose to follow any of the workouts then that is your choice and you will be doing so entirely at your own risk.

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7 thoughts on “From fat to fit – The beginning

  1. Good for you. I must say that I didn’t document either of my last 2 pregnancies either. Mainly because my body goes haywire and I don’t much enjoy the changes to my body! I have no control over it but I know what I need to do afterwards which is the main thing. I will join you on this once my bub is born. It will help keep me on track also. Thanks for sharing FMH Family Active Day too xox

  2. Well done on putting it in black and white, now you HAVE to do it. But give your body time to heal xx

    • Thanks Em, I am going to take it easy and listen to my body, I am not in any insane rush to erase all memories of my pregnant body I just want to get back to being fit, healthy and strong. Grrrr 🙂

  3. Good on you. GO FOR IT! I have a girl who trains with me whose son is 10 weeks old and she looks FANTASTIC!! I waited 4.5 years to get back into pre-baby shape! That is way too long 🙂

  4. Thanks A, wow 10 weeks thats amazing! I’m feeling pretty motivated at the moment so hopefully that will continue as I (hopefully) see results! X

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