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Parenting can be really shit!
That’s it.
No witty comment to follow.
Just the plain simple fact of the matter that this parenting gig can actually be a crock.

I am not saying anything anyone doesn’t know when I say that it is bloody hard work.
It is bloody hard work when you are close to extended family who can help you out. It is even harder when it is just you with no one else for thousands of miles.
It can be pretty shit.

Am I allowed to say that?
Aren’t we supposed to balance all our parental moans with a generous dollop of all of the good bits to cancel out the simple fact that sometimes the little ones in our lives can just be little monsters.
Why do we do that? Why do we feel the need to vent and then quickly follow that up with how usually they are such little angels blah blah bloody blah.
Is it so that other people don’t think you are a bad parent? Well judge away people because it is nothing compared to how I judge myself.

You know what I think?
When your little angel leaves you breathless having chased him for a mile down the road, making you leave your 6 week old daughter unattended in the middle of the pavement to try to catch up with him, well I think that is actually just pretty shit.
Same thing but substitute road for park and pavement for boiling hot car and yep – shit.
When you have to drag him home while pushing a hungry screaming baby in the pram while your child screams and cries and passers by look on in disgust at you – well I think that is pretty shit too.
When you discipline your child at home and they smirk at you and you know that they have not listened or taken in a single thing that you have said. Also pretty shit.
When you finally get him to bed and then break down in tears on the sofa wondering why you are such a crap parent.
Well – yes you guessed it, also a pile of shit.

And breathe . . . .
I do love them though – Sorry for all the shitting!
Vent over.
Normal non-sweary service will resume forthwith.

(Sorry mum! – for the swearing and also for very probably doing exactly what I am talking about when I was that age )


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6 thoughts on “Venting

  1. As a fellow mummy, I can relate. Oh how I can relate. Raising littlies can be a shit! I want to say that it does get a little easier. That doesn’t help you now I know. I feel for you not having support but you know where I am. If you ever just want some girlie time with your little princess, I’d be happy to look after your little prince 🙂 please take me up on that xxx

    • Oh bless you Neets! Thank you very much for the offer but I wouldn’t inflict him on you with your 2 already and being pregnant as well I fear it could send you over the edge. That said we will have to arrange another meet up so that all 3 of them can burn off their energy and we can have a nap (I mean natter!) xx

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  2. YES, sometimes it’s just pants, there is no sugar coating it. It’s the hardest job in the world. Hang in there, be kind to yourself lovely. Don’t go out much, if you don’t have to, especially with newbie in tow. Me kind to you and things will get easier, also forget the housework, it’ll be there tomorrow xxx

    • Thanks Em, I know I am not the only one facing it and it could be much worse but it still is rubbish some days isn’t it. I hear what you are saying about not going out too much but seriously if I didn’t take him out the house would be torn apart and I would be in a corner sobbing as he trashed the place. That boy has a heap of energy. Xx

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  3. Love this!! So very , very true. We all love our kids, but parenting CAN be total shit.

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