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From Fat to Fit Week 6 (27.01.14)

This week I had my 6 week check up with my obstetrician and he has given me the all clear to exercise again which is good news. Now that I have been given the ok I am planning to up my exercise intensity a little bit.
Not too much as I have said before, but I am now planning to up the level of my cardio.

It is difficult for me to run at the moment as baby Bear is too young for me to run with her in the pram but I do want to include some cardio in my ‘Mummy Motivator’ circuit sessions now as I feel I can. As I currently have  baby Bear with me at all my exercise sessions I am working in shorter bursts of cardio to get my heart rate up, such as skipping as I can do that right next to my pram.

My Mummy Motivator Workouts this week

Monday 27.01.14
On the Australia Day Bank Holiday Monday we walked up the 1000 Kokoda steps memorial trail up in the Dandenong Ranges.
I attempted this last year while in the early nauseous tired stages of pregnancy, needless to say I didn’t make it all the way to the top!
This time I got all the way to the top in 34 degree heat with Baby Bear strapped to my front – Go me!! and husb had the Bear strapped to his back. Go husb!


Wednesday 29.01.14 The Skip to it Workout
I was very short on time as I was meeting flight friend for brekkie so I did a very speedy cardio circuit – just to feel like I earned my morning iced coffee!

All loaded up.

All loaded up.

1.5k brisk walk

Stationary cardio circuit
1 min skipping
10 X Tricep dips
1 min skipping
10 X Push ups
1 min skipping
10 X squats hold 10 secs
10 X each leg Transverse Abdominal activations (lie on back drawing in belly button, keeping spine in a neutral position, extend legs outwards 1 at a time).

Repeat X2

Gentle 1.5K walk back to cool down.

Lesson learned from this workout?
Buy a more supportive sports bra, black eyes are not a good look!

Incidental exercise this week involved pushing this
I also did some ‘Tabata’ training this week with a number of short sprints at high intensity immediately followed by high intensity strength training.
Not part of my plan for the week, but a necessity when you have to sprint down the street after your child and then drag him (with much resistance)  the rest of the way home with one arm while pushing a pram with the other.
Is that what they mean when they say exercise should form part of your everyday life?!? I’m nothing if not a multi-tasker!
Who needs a gym.!

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6 thoughts on “From Fat to Fit Week 6 (27.01.14)

  1. Go you! Wow has it really been 6 weeks already? Time flies. Am loving reading about your workouts & love that you’re listening to your body & your doctor 🙂 Go the incidental Tabata training ha ha xx

    • She’s 7 weeks today Neets time is flying by for me (although I guess not for you it really dragged for me when I was pregnant).
      I am loving getting out into the fresh air and planning my sessions too.
      I think my unplanned Tabata knackered me out though as my legs have been aching a bit! 🙂

  2. Good effort with the 1000 steps, I’ve wheezed my way up there once or twice. I think exercise for parent is all about taking the opportunities when they present themselves – good for you

  3. Go Rhian! Good luck with your training!

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