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From Fat to Fit week 7 (03.02.14)

I was a bit knackered last week so my weekend activity wasn’t much unless you count watching the biggest loser whilst eating chocolate and  blueberries (it  is a little known and completely untrue fact that if you eat chocolate and blueberries at the  same time, the blueberries cancel out the effect of the chocolate you know).

Just look at that chocolate/blueberry goodness!

Just look at that chocolate/blueberry goodness!

So all in all I felt particularly virtuous watching other people exercise, eating my ‘healthy’ snack. You lose weight by watching other people lose weight right?,!
No? Damn.

Oh well back to it next week.

I said I would document my highs and lows!

Wednesday 05.02.14

My original plan was to do a step cardio circuit but getting up late/vomit(baby)/traffic/windy baby all conspired against me so I had to improvise a little.

The ‘Step to it’ circuit

1 min step ups – I did on the lower bench, about the same height as a gym step. I mixed it up a bit and did it like a step class, stepping to the side of the bench and kicking out, knee ups and hamstrings too. (Though not all at the same time as I don’t have three legs).

*I may or may not have also been singing the wrong words out loud to ‘Get Lucky’ on my iPod*image

10 X TVA Activations

10 X Body Weight Squats

10 X Hip Bridges

1 min jumping Jacks

3 way balance

Repeat X3

Brisk walk 750m (I actually jogged with the pram as I was late to pickup the Bear from crèche)

My squats had to be performed pushing the pram as baby Bear was crying, I held the pram side on squatted down pushing pram out and released pulling it back again.

That was the only exercise circuit I did this week as my legs felt pretty heavy. So I made sure to include a lot of walking as my incidental exercise instead of driving.

I will try to do better next week – stats week!!!


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3 thoughts on “From Fat to Fit week 7 (03.02.14)

  1. Rhian, I thought about you last week. I went for a run of 4 km at Melbourne zoo… I don’t know what I thought to be quite honest! I was sore for the next 3 days!

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