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From Fat to Fit – Week 8 (10.02.14)

I am now 8 weeks post partum and have been properly exercising for the last 5 weeks

Weight 64.6KG
Waist 331/2″
Thighs 403/4″.

I have also discovered a program called Birth2Fitmum from
This is a great program that concentrates very much on healing abdominal separation or ‘diastasis recti’ post birth. Without doing any crunches or sit ups as these types of exercises can actually increase separation of the abdominal muscles so I have been following that program for the last 3 weeks in addition to my Ready Steady Mums program and my own ‘Mummy Motivator’ program.

You can check out both here

This weeks workouts
Monday 10.2.14
Back garden workout
Equipment – 2.3KG Dumbbell
Swiss ball

Birth2fitmum TVA activations (see their website for more information)

30 X TVA activations
10 X leg extensions (20 in total)

10 X 2.3kg weighted squats
3 way balance

Repeat X2

10 X chest press sitting on swiss ball with 2.3kg dumbbell (slow and controlled movement – it’s about toning not cardio)
Straight into
10 X Hammer curl with twist (standing holding dumbbells vertically)
Lift dumbbells from sides of body all the way to shoulders bending them at the elbow keeping arms tight to sides. Bring dumbbells back to sides
Follow this with the same movement to the halfway point so arms are at 90degree angle to body while twisting arms out so that palms are facing up.)
Both of these counts as 1 rep.

Repeat weights X 2

Tuesday 11.2.14
Cracking out the cardio

Baby Bear is still too young for me to run with her in the pram as she is still in the carry cot but I did want to start running a little bit to ease myself back into it and as the treadmill and gym are not an option I improvised. I used the running track at the stadium in the park as it was empty and gated (so it meant baby Bear was safe as I ran).image It was also in the shade making running a (bit) easier.

6 X 10m Sprints
10 X Burpees
10 X Mountain climbers

Birth2Fitmum TVA activations
10 X leg extensions (each leg)

Repeat cardio
30 walking lunges

Repeat TVAs

Longer run/jog around the edge of the track approx 350m (must take GPS watch next time to be more accurate).
10 X weighted squats (holding baby Bear as she was crying)

40 weighted walking lunges (weighted as I was still holding Baby Bear).

TVA Activations

Walk (600m or so back)

Getting there slowly but surely.


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6 thoughts on “From Fat to Fit – Week 8 (10.02.14)

  1. You are doing so well Rhian. So proud of you! Some really great exercises above. I didn’t know about the NZ site and it looks great. Diastatis Recti has been a problem I’ve had since my first bub. xox

  2. Good grief you are impressive! I’m fairly sure my kids will be starting university before I’d contemplate that work out 😉 Good luck with it!

  3. Go, you!!! Sounds like you’re just kicking goals! Love how you’re finding alternatives for running too. Awesome!

  4. Thanks Grace, it is quite nice to be doing some cardio that is not running for a bit of a change from the norm, to be honest. X

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