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From Fat to Fit Week 9 (17.02.14)

I am still very much working on getting my abdominal separation back to normal so still no crunches for me and as I am having a lot of interrupted sleep ( well a bit of sleep all of it interrupted) I am still taking it relatively easy with my exercise so I don’t get too tired.

I introduced a bit more equipment this week as I was getting a bit bored.
4KG Kettle bell
I love kettle bells as they whittle you into shape very quickly if you use them correctly.

Tuesday 17.02.14
Work it down cardio and kettle session

image3 min skipping
1 min kettle bell swing

2 min skipping
1 min kettle bell clean and press (right hand) – start with KB in front of you on the floor, keeping back straight squat down to pick it up and bring it in to the crux of your arm (your pit area) lifting it with your elbow up, adjust your grip so your palm is facing away from your body and press the KB up above your head straightening your arm, then take it back down the same way to the ground. That is 1 rep.
You can view these exercises if you search on YouTube.
1 min kettle bell clean and press (left hand)

1 min skipping
1 min kettle bell squat and lift (squat down holding KB like a goblet at your chest height with elbows bent into the body, then as you straighten your legs lift KB to head height while raising to tiptoes ).

2 min skipping
TVA Activations

1 min skipping
TVA Activations

Wednesday 19.02.14
I didn’t have a great nights sleep so was feeling pretty tired. I went for a walk with the pram and just did some TVA Activations.

Friday 20.02.14
Husb was off work and the Bear was in daycare so I went for a (very) slow jog around the park near me. (about 3K)

I have to admit I am missing the gym a bit now. I am really enjoying working out my own exercise plan for each session but I am getting a bit lonely on my own and I really enjoy the interaction at gym classes so I may be in danger of losing a bit of motivation.
My mum arrived on Saturday though so hopefully that will give me an opportunity to take advantage of that and try and get to a class to mix it up a bit.

Also if there is anyone in Melbs who fancies joining me with my little exercise circuits you are more than welcome!



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4 thoughts on “From Fat to Fit Week 9 (17.02.14)

  1. I am loving your work & as soon as I’m able, I’ll be right there with you. Keep up the great work. Your routines are fabulous x

  2. You’re doing fantastic! I know what you mean about needing some company with exercise. But can I just say? Totally in awe by your self-motivation!

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