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From fat to fit – Week 14 (24.03.14)

I’ve had a better week this week and managed to get more exercise in, both specific sessions and in my everyday life.

Morning in the park with husb and kids. The Bear went on his bike and he is pretty speedy on it so I ran alongside him while husb had the pram and baby Bear. We stopped along the way to do some tricep dips together and then went on to the playpark and did the zip wire.



Did 5.5K round the lake with the pram. 2 min run, 2 min walk alternate all the way round, stopping halfway through to do my TVA activations. It wasn’t quite as bad as I thought it was going to be and I felt really pleased with myself for doing it. I actually hadn’t set out to start running, my original plan was just to walk round the lake as when I woke up in the morning my plan consisted of dragging my carcass out of bed, putting the Bear in crèche and having a coffee, so I felt pretty good that I did it.

I feel quite good about getting back into running again and I have just had confirmation of crèche places for next term which means I can attend a couple of  my favourite classes too which I am really looking forward to. Plus husb mum arrives on Wednesday so she will be able to help too meaning that I may even get to go to a few classes before the next term starts so as far as my exercise is concerned I am feeling quite positive.

Weight 64Kg
Waist 33.5 inches
Hips 41 inches
Thighs 24 inches
Arms 11 inches



From fat to fit to fat excuses

Motivation or lack thereof, combined with ridonkulous tiredness has meant that my exercise had pretty much tailed off to very little. Even with my mum staying with me I only managed 1 Zumba class per week in the time she was here.

I am really disappointed with myself as I had envisaged getting out to start running again and  getting to all the classes that I have really missed while being pregnant but, with the exception of Zumba I have attended non.

My little circuit workouts have also fallen by the wayside for the last couple of weeks or so. Due to the preparation for the Grand Prix in Albert Park my usual location was pretty uninhabitable while open but then they closed it for the week of the Grand Prix so I couldn’t get there.

. . . . Which is all really a big fat excuse for not doing anything.

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Calling in the cavalry

So who’d have thought that making the transition from being a parent of 1 little cherub to 2 would be so hard eh!

Since the birth of baby Bear I pretty much haven’t had time to breathe let alone enjoy her tiny time.

The first few weeks were great, baby Bear was teeny tiny and basically just fed and slept and the Bear was enthralled with his little baby sister, always wanting to cuddle her and stroke her – it was really lovely to see.

Baby Bear is now 3 months old and I can say with some conviction that the honeymoon period is absolutely over!

The cuddling has given way to sneaking in a pinch when he thinks I can’t see.
The stroking replaced by kicking when my hawk like gaze is averted for a nano second.

imageIn addition it would seem that 24 hours are now simply not long enough for me to get dressed never mind actually do stuff.

And I am knackered
Absolutely. Completely. Knackered.

And husband is knackered

And it is all just knackering.

As a result of my complete inability to parent two children I have had to call in the cavalry.


As I type this my mum is now flying somewhere over Broome on her way back to the UK having come over for 3 weeks for a working holiday to help us out, although it was more just working than holiday. I think she is going to sleep for a week when she gets back, to get over it. It was so great to have her here for reinforcements and her help was invaluable. So much so that I really came to rely on her to make it through the day. The thought of mum leaving left me so panic stricken that husbs mum is also coming out to help in a few weeks time. Which means that in the space of 6 weeks both husb mum and my mum will have flown thousands of miles to the other side of the world all to help me to parent 2 small children.

When I write it down it sounds so ridiculous doesn’t it.

I mean seriously, how rubbish does one have to be for that sort of help to be needed?

I know that people get help from extended family all the time but even I have to accept that flying across the world is to the extreme.

I am very grateful to them both though – anything to stop me drowning.

One day I will look back on this and laugh about it.
I am laughing at the moment, rather manically with a crazed look in my eyes – but hey I’m laughing!

What my 3 year old said . . .

Good morning mummy, I recognise that it is quite early and you are still sleeping so I will go back to my room and read some books quietly until you come and get me.

Thanks mummy for that delicious yet healthy snack you have prepared for me. I will eat all of it up at the speed of a normal human and not take 15 minutes and 5 bites to eat 1 blueberry.

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The perils of being a woman – Peril 4 – Eyelashes

So since the birth of our little pink bundle in December I have been just a little bit busy trying to keep on top of things like making sure the Bear is fed and clothed, feeding baby Bear round the clock and trying to dress myself and get out of the house before 4pm every day so, perhaps understandably, there have been a number of things which I have let slide.

I’m not talking about cleaning the house, the fact that I don’t do it goes without saying obviously.

No I’m talking about the personal maintenance girly stuff.

Since the birth my nails are no longer glossy, painted and perfectly shaped. Now they are different sizes where they have broken. The little polish that is left on them starts half way up the nail and is chipped so much it looks like some sort of weird fungal disease. Read more…

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