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From Fat to Fit Week 10 (24.02.14)

A bit of a short and sweet one this week.

My mum came to stay on Saturday yey! She has been a trooper looking after baby Bear for me while the Bear is in crèche so that meant that I could finally get back to my Zumba exercise class.

It was great to see everyone again and catch up. I really threw myself into the class and the fact that my face was a peculiar shade of puice purple showed that I had most definitely worked hard.  . .  A bit too hard I think.

It really boosted my mood but I think I pushed it a bit too hard as it knackered me out for the rest of the week. That coupled with a very challenging nearly 3 year old and nighttime feedings meant that after Zumba I had neither the energy nor motivation to do too much else for the rest of the week. Sort of defeats the purpose really doesn’t it.

Having said that I loved getting back into shaking my Zumba bootay and I hope that I can go again while mum is here whilst also keeping up my usual routine as well.

On the plus side though I went out for dinner with husb at the weekend (I know right check me out,  actually going out) and I wore a dress that I was wearing pre pregnancy.

I am a bit squiffy, well it was my first cocktail in a very very long time.

I am a bit squiffy, well it was my first cocktail in a very very long time.

Granted, it was a touch tighter than before baby Bears arrival but I managed to fit into it and it didn’t look half bad. So I must be doing something right. (Mind you at the end of the meal I may have had to take my belt off to release the belly bulge and allow me to breathe but Hey! It was wearing me I was wearing it.

Until next time.


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8 thoughts on “From Fat to Fit Week 10 (24.02.14)

  1. well done rhee, and say hi to Mrs H. x

  2. Looking great lovely. Oh how I wish I could Zumba. Unfortunately I have 2 left feet 🙂 xx

  3. you look great!

  4. So happy for you Rhian that your mum is here! And big Yeah! For fitting in your pre-pregnancy dress. You looked beautiful!

  5. Yay for mums! I have to pick my mum up from the airport tonight as she’s been visiting my sister down south who has a 1 year old and bub #2 on the way. I think she’ll be spending a lot more time down there at the end of this year, which means I lose my babysitter! Sorry off on a tangent, so glad you have mum to help! I’m sure she’s worth her weight in gold at the moment! And look at you! You look blardy fantastic love! Well done! x Aroha

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